Biden Saves The Economy? Think Again

Joe Biden didn’t have many kind words for Donald Trump during the campaign. He called him all sorts of names, and even said that Trump was “the worst president in history”. Trump did have his short-comings, that’s for sure, but one thing he did exceptionally well, was manage the economy. And apparently, while Americans are starting to feel a little bit better about the economy after the whole COVID thing last year, Biden is not scoring high marks from a lot of circles for what he wants to do.

Gallup (remember them?) has come out with their latest Economic Confident Index (ECI) in which it shows that Americans as a whole are in negative numbers when it comes to the economy. All political persuasions have said that the economy is in trouble and they aren’t looking for it to get better under Biden. Here’s the graph:

As you can see, Republicans are actually the most positive in this survey with a -4 rating. Independents come in at a -13, and Democrats, who you would think would be favoring Biden, have gone up since January, but are the most pessimistic at -14.

Overall, 20% of Americans surveyed said that they felt the economy was in “excellent or good condition”, while 31% said it was in “poor condition”. 39% said they see the economy getting better in the next six month, but 54% said it was going to get worse.

As we hopefully get out of the COVID era, you would expect the feelings to be much more positive. But Biden’s mis-steps, broken campaign promises, and lies have hurt the perception in the public eyes. Most damning for the new president is the fact he promised $2,000 checks if Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff won their elections in Georgia. They did, partly based on that promise. And so when the $2,000 became $1,400 and Biden started including Trump’s $600 check that came out toward the end of last year, it drew the ire of a LOT of people.

Others are looking at the jobs figures, which have shown the unemployment rate starting to creep up again. It had topped out at 15% when everything was shut down. It had dropped to 6.5% in January of 2021 when Trump left office, and today is at 6.7% under Joe Biden.

Throw in the added debt and deficit numbers that Biden is hoping to get and you’re looking at a very anemic economy for the next several years. Several economists have warned that a $1.9 trillion “stimulus” which they see as nothing more as a bailout for liberal cities and states, is a fulcrum to send the country into a full-blown recession, something that no one has really come out and said we were in during COVID. The country should be in the midst of recovering from this pandemic, and should be feeling a lot more positive. But we’re not, and the only explanation is that Americans are feeling some buyer’s remorse on voting for Joe Biden.

Oh, I understand that a lot of them didn’t like Trump and they’re glad he’s gone. But at what cost to the country? Every poll leading up to the election said that Donald Trump was miles better at keeping the economy strong than Biden was. And we may have to suffer through a recession, one in which I’m sure Biden will blame either on Donald Trump, or on the fact he didn’t get a “proper transition” as the cause. In effect, it appears that it’s his policies that are causing the downturn in the jobs numbers, and the ballooning federal debt…which also went up under Trump.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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