America Is BACK! Already?

Wow! Joe Biden is better than anybody thought! Well, either that or America never went anyplace to begin with. In a speech to the world Saturday, Biden gave the statement to his allies that, “America is back!” Reaction was swift and not really what he wanted. They all said,

“We’ll see.”

There was a long of angst and gnashing of teeth (though I didn’t recall seeing any sackcloth) from United States allies when Donald Trump introduced “America First” policies. Hey, it was great news for those of us in THIS country. After all, we were going to take care of our own first, and worry about others later…especially others who were feeding at the red, white, and blue teet of free money, free protection from evil axis, and free from trade restrictions. What Donald Trump did, is really what every country in the world should be doing…taking care of their own first. THEN if there is any left over, go and help those less fortunate.

Joe Biden is not like that.

In Biden’s world, you want to tell the world that America is a mistake. America isn’t as great as we think we are. Forget all of the accomplishments over the past 200 years. Forget the fact that America still leads the world in pretty much every category that the liberal left hasn’t taken down brick by brick, like our education system. Forget the fact that the liberal left is intent on spending us into the poor house, not worrying about any such thing as deficits and debts. America is back to the rest of the world. Of course, Biden needs to actually prove that to the rest of the world, and my only question is, how costly is that going to be?

You know as well as I that every single country that considers itself our ally is going to have it’s hand out for some sort of payback. Oh, Germany got to keep the US troops, who spend enormous amounts of money in their economy. Great Brittan is going to be able to increase taxes on our companies. France is going to continue to gouge our trading system with incredible unregulated tariffs on their end, and scream “assassiner sanglante” (go ahead and Google it) if we retaliate with anything that would resemble a fair trade system.

The problem is, the United States has been the all-too-forgiving parent of the free world for far too long. And when Trump took away their allowance, they cried. And now they want a retroactive payment of what they missed….plus interest. And you and I are going to be the ones paying for it.

It’s a sad shame that the world cannot take care of itself, but looks to us to do their dirty work, to pay their bills, to forgive their debts to us, and to look the other way when they crap on us. Maybe…just maybe…Donald Trump had this one right!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

6 thoughts on “America Is BACK! Already?

  1. America’s not only back to its old failed ways, it’s doing it with the left-over retreads from the Obama administration!

    Maybe that’s why Kamala hasn’t taken over yet, is it because Obama and Susan Rice are calling the shots?

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