The UN-United States of America?

Who would ever have thought that today, we as a nation would be faced with being “Un-united”? According to a new poll that was released the other day by Bright Line Watch. In it, the most interesting thing was that 29% of Americans thought it was best to split up the “United States” into different regions of the country. Some would be heavily Democrat, some would be heavily Republican. And some would be heavily independent. Think of it was “The Three Bears” approach to the country.

21% of Democrats, 33% of Republicans, and 30% of Independent voters like that idea.

So, what would it look like? Well, something like this:

As you can see, the Northeast and far west would be heavily Democrat. The South would be heavily Republican, and the Heartland (midwest) would be heavily Independent. Only the Mountain region would be up for grabs, with Republicans leading the way, but an awful lot of Republicans there as well.

What’s fascinating about this idea is that it seems the idea is growing with ALL parties, regardless of political affiliation. Each of these areas would basically become their own country, and governed differently from the rest with no centralized government like we have now. And like in Europe, you’d be free to travel across the different regions without having to get your passport out or get visas. The money would be the same, and each region would accept dollars. But the laws could vary wildly from region to region. And I’m not sure if you could get sick of say the Pacific region and decide to move to Texas in the South or not. Well, that’s pretty much what’s happening now.

We’re still a LONG way off from this happening. It’s only got 29% approval to split up the country, but it’s up substantially over previous surveys signaling that maybe Americans fear that we aren’t going to be able to work together after all. And that would be a shame, because that was yet another Joe Biden campaign promise that would be broken!

6 thoughts on “The UN-United States of America?

  1. Sounds like we’re going back to pre-Constitutional days when the 13 original colonies were basically independent countries and self-governed? We might as well, our Representatives in Washington don’t represent us any more, they only represent themselves and their own agendas and you can see that with your eyes by the type of legislation they’re trying to cram down our throats!

    If I were King I would shrink the federal government way down and eliminate the hundreds and hundreds of federal departments, agencies and sub-agencies and strip the government back to its original 20 or so enumerated powers.

    Next I would organize another Organization of American States but instead of the current 35 Western hemisphere nation states, it would only consist of the 50 American States and territories. That would allow each State to govern itself like the 10th Amendment says, and let each State settle their own differences. If New Jersey is complaining about pollution coming from Pennsylvania, then let them settle their difference rather than creating a federal agency that will affect every person in every State!

    Abraham Lincoln wrote in his Gettysburg Address, “that government of the people, by the people, for the people…”, but We the People have shirked our duty by allowing the federal government to get so far out of hand that we just might very well see our form of government “perish from the earth.”

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