Immigration Reform? Nope. More Like Immigration Flop

There is one thing that Republicans and Democrats in Washington can agree on. Our immigration system is broken. We have no way of dealing with hordes of people slamming across our southern border, almost at will. And to the Border Patrol folks who’s job it is to keep the illegals (and yes…they ARE illegal) on the other side of said border, they’re getting pretty sick of the whole situation as well.

The big difference is that Democrats want to play fairy God mother to the world and invite everyone and their cousins in. They don’t care where you came from. They don’t care where you’re going. They don’t care how old you are, how sick you are, if you have kids, if you’re in a gang, if you’re a rapist or a murderer, it’s all right. We just want to give you a new life here and remind you every November who said it was ok for you to show up! Republicans on the other hand are a bit more selective. They’d like you to have a job lined up. They’d like you to do it the legal way. They’d like to have you tested for things like COVID and be illness free when you get here. They’d like for you to come in with your parents, and not have them drop you off in Mexico, give you a goodbye kiss, and wish you luck.

Now you can probably see why it is we don’t get a comprehensive immigration reform bill. What do you do with 11 million people that have been sneaking into our country illegally for the past few decades? What do you do with the kids of those people that snuck in, some of whom are living here as adults and contributing, and others are draining our resources.

And now you have in Texas, the Border Patrol there being ordered to release 108 illegals into the state to go wherever they want “until their immigration hearing”, which means you’ll never see them again. Those 108 illegals all tested positive for COVID. Were they quarantined? No. Were they separated from those of us that haven’t been able to get a shot yet? No. Yet, rather than keep them in Mexico, which is really a sensible thing to do, they allow them to come in here. This is very much like going to a nightclub. Instead of having to stand outside in line to get in, they let everyone in with the hope that when they call you to stamp your hand or whatever, you’ll come back outside. Right!

Being able to immigrate to the United States is a privilege. It’s not a right. There is nothing anywhere that says you have a right to leave whatever country you were born into, and walk, ride, however, get to the United State southern border where you will be admitted to start a new life without proof of ID, proof of anything. Make up a good story because here are the questions they are going to ask you, but other than that, once we get across the border and get you to some safe house, you’re going to be on your own.

And you wonder why our immigration system is broken in the first place?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

2 thoughts on “Immigration Reform? Nope. More Like Immigration Flop

  1. It is and has been for a long while a COMPLETE mess. Why in the world does anyone think this is a good policy – or even any policy at all???


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