Crisis? We Got No Stinkin’ Crisis!

Ah, but apparently the Biden administration does. Taking a page out of the Obama administration that vowed even to this day that their administration never had even one scandal during their eight year term (and the official account stands somewhere north of 35), the Biden administration has chosen to redefine the word “crisis” to not include anything and everything that happens along the southern border of the United States.

Currently, there are thousands of illegal aliens winding their way through Mexico trying to get to our border. Some are wearing Biden campaign t-shirts with the words “Please Let Us In” underneath his logo. Unaccompanied minors are streaming across the border in record numbers. And as I mentioned I think yesterday, there were 108 illegal aliens that were put on a bus and shipped to parts unknown. Except that all 108 of them had tested positive for COVID.

So, what’s the reason for all of this? Simple. Joe Biden said throughout the campaign that he wasn’t going to deport anyone during his first 100 days, unless they commit a felony against an American citizen. He said that on September 17th of last year by the way. Since the over 26,000 illegals have been deported. So much for that campaign promise (#13 that’s been broken).

I get it that an administration so early in it’s term doesn’t want to face a crisis of this proportion this early. But this is a case where the Biden folks did it to themselves. They were the ones that made the campaign promise. It was interpreted by people in Guatemala and Honduras, and Mexico as “Hey, come on up!” And while Biden has since issued statements saying, “Don’t come just yet. Give us some time to get ready for you!”, it’s been falling on deaf ears.

Democrats who are only out there counting votes of illegals rather than looking out for the national security of the United States of America are to blame. Period. They are the ones that want the porous border. And now, Texas, New Mexico, and even Arizona Democrats are starting to howl that there IS a crisis at the border and the Biden administration needs to do something to stem the flow. The problem is, Biden can’t do it. He’s made his bed, and now he has to lie in it. Comprehensive immigration reform is a dream at this point. We are three months into his presidency in a few days, and he has accomplished nothing as far as getting bills through Congress. Hell, he can’t even get the $1.9 Trillion COVID stimulus through, and his party owns both houses of Congress! How is he going to tackle something that requires 60 votes in the Senate?

I think reality may be sneaking up on Biden. The reality that he only has about another seven or eight months to get something done in his first term. Because once we hit 2022, Congress isn’t about to pass any meaningful legislation since it’s an election year. And if all of the pundits are right, and Congress flips to the GOP in 2023, Biden isn’t going to be able to get anything done at all. No statehood for Puerto Rico and DC. No ending the filibuster. No packing the Supreme Court. No tax increases. No carbon offsets. Nothing.

Aren’t elections a wonderful thing?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “Crisis? We Got No Stinkin’ Crisis!

  1. Elections are wonderful ONLY if they’re fair and free! I have my doubts!

    Did you know that the Supreme Court turned down EVERY SINGLE election case this year without comment? Makes me wonder who’s side they are on. Certainly not the side of the Law when they even refuse to hear cases that actually violated the Constitution! And they can’t comment???? That’s because they can’t really justify not hearing those cases.

    What a sad state of affairs our Country is in!


  2. Elections are a wonderful thing but only if we ever get a fair vote which I am seriously worrying may never happen again! I think the Dems will have messed so with the mail in ballots that it may never be fair again! Sad state of affairs.


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