Have A Look At Your “New Media”

If you had any smattering of thought that the news media in this country was biased, you had to look no further than NBC Anchor, Lester Holt at the 45th Annual Murrow Symposium.

Holt, who was there to receive some sort of award, basically said that in this day and age, the news media doesn’t “need to hear both sides of a story to determine the truth.”


Yeah. That was a quote. And on some absolute facts, he’s right, like “the sun sets in the west”. Of course, no one with half a brain is going to argue that point to begin with. But overall, Holt is saying that if there are two sides to a story, and he believes that one side is the truth, that’s all he needs to have to go with the story. That’s a crock of BS.

That is a shining example of what a liberal media can do. They now have decided that they are only going to listen to the liberal side of things because they know what the truth is regardless what the other side is saying. And in their mind the truth (read that as their way of thinking) is irrefutable. So, if you’re talking about Climate Global Change Warming or whatever they are calling it this week, they can just avoid any debate because they KNOW that the truth is that you driving little Jimmy to soccer practice and letting Jenny to her dance recital in that SUV is what’s causing it. They don’t need any more discussion on it. They’ve heard “the science” (from scientists who were told they would be denied federal grants if they didn’t play ball). Anything else is a waste of time and trouble.

And that is the beginning of the socialist takeover in our society. If you are going to allow the media to tell you what the truth is, and not give you both sides so YOU can determine what the truth is, you’re no better off listening to them than you are reading Pravda. We are going to get one side of the news, the leftist side, and anything else doesn’t matter.

That is precisely why Lester Holt should be taken off the air. He and the rest of the liberal snowflake news readers are actually the most dangerous beings in America. If you control the media, you control thought. It’s the very reason that in every coup attempt, the first thing the rebels do is take over the TV and radio stations and the newspapers. They can then feed their own narrative to the masses as the truth.

The only thing that amazes me on that account is that Holt was so damn blatant about it. That should be sending up red flares and warning sirens in your head. If it’s not, wake up, because he obviously has already moved to the propaganda stage in his newscasts leaving the symposium namesake (Edward R. Murrow) rotting in his grave. If Holt were the least bit worried about either losing his job, or worse yet, his credibility, he never would have made such an stupid statement. The mere fact that he would do so tells you they are a lot farther down the road to socialism than you and I thought!

God help us all!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “Have A Look At Your “New Media”

  1. Even God can’t help you because the Leftists own those news organizations! The fox is in charge of the hen house, and I don’t mean FOX News. They have their own agenda as well!


    1. Hmmm…so you’re saying that the one being in the entire universe that is all powerful, all omnipotent, and all righteous can’t help? Really? That’s a step I’m not prepared to take. That blows apart the whole reason we are alive, so forgive me if I beg to differ on this issue!


  2. Time will tell! He saved the Republic once but it’s up to We the People to keep it. He can’t or won’t keep bailing us out of trouble if we’re not willing to help ourselves!?!?
    Let’s just say desperate times require desperate measures!

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