Boycott? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Boycott!

Just because the President of the United States screwed up during one of his rants and obviously didn’t read the voting bill that was passed in Georgia, Major League Baseball has become the latest in “woke sports” that really doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. First it was the NFL. Then it was the NBA and the WNBA. Now it’s MLB. And the funny thing that all of these sports leagues don’t seem to understand is, We The People, who support their flamboyant multi-million dollar lifestyles by attending games and buying $12 beers and $15 hamburgers, can very quickly find something else to do.

Let’s look at the facts. First of all, Joe Biden, without a clue of what was really happening, and obvious that he hadn’t read the Georgia bill, took issue that it “closed down at 5pm when working people are just getting off their shifts”. No, that’s not right. What the bill did was actually extend voting hours. The original bill that this one replaced said that voting hours were going to be “customary business hours”, which is 9am-5pm. All this bill did was actually define that time better. Same difference!

The next thing it did that Biden completely ignored, was to allow counties that were having a hard time getting everyone into the polling places to vote in an eight hour window to expand to up to 12 hours if they so chose. That was, by the way, a brand new feature of Georgia’s voting law. Biden didn’t have anything to say about it. And what about early voting? The new Georgia law allows for longer early voting periods than the current law allows. It would seem to me that would encourage more people to vote, not fewer.

It’s funny that Republicans like Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp, and the lady he defeated for the post, Democrat Stacy Abrams basically feel the same way about this. As does Jon Ossoff, the newly elected Democrat Senator from Georgia. Raphael Warnock, the other Senator newly elected from Georgia took a much lighter position on the subject, but certainly wasn’t in favor of MLB’s move to boycott Georgia by moving the All Star Classic out of the Peachtree State.

And that’s the whole gist.

The left is so wound up in this cancel culture that they are now eating their own. The Atlanta Braves are livid over MLB’s move. Players were ready to walk out if they didn’t move the All Star Game. And what is the huge difference? Well, Atlanta stood to rake in about $78 million from the week leading up to the All Star Game. That’s according to Forbes magazine. And who is going to suffer the most from the loss? Small business owners, restaurant owners, hotel owners, taxi cab companies, and of course the city itself through loss of tax revenue. The very same people these over-paid egotistical baseball stars think they are helping by boycotting Georgia are the ones that will get hurt. Do you really think that someone making millions in Atlanta give a rat’s rear end if the game is played there, other than they now have an open date on their calendar for that night? The answer is no…they don’t care. They’ll fly in their private jets to wherever MLB decides to hold the game and still enjoy it.

Boycotts traditionally don’t work. Not when conservatives do it (primarily because conservatives don’t believe in boycotts to begin with), and certainly not when liberals do it. It is yet another way liberals can feel like they are doing something while they really don’t understand what’s going on in the first place.

Shame on Joe Biden for being such an idiot. And shame on MLB for following his lead down the rabbit hole.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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