Crime Continues To Rise Under Biden

Wait a minute. Wait just a cotton-pickin’, doggone, New York minute! We were told that if we elected Joe Biden over Donald Trump back in November last year that the seas would fall, climate change would vanish overnight, COVID-19 would become a thing of the past, dogs would sleep with cats, and there would finally be peace on earth and goodwill toward men. It’s like the Second Coming, right?

None of that has happened.

In fact, while crime increased 33% in 2020, it continued to increase at that rate in 2021 throughout the first three months of the year, leading me to wonder if we were all fed some line. I’m beginning to wonder if electing Joe Biden was just a way for Democrats to get rid of Donald Trump because they didn’t like the fact a neophyte politician came in with zero experience, and beat 17 people in his own party, and then someone that wanted to be anointed “Queen” of the world.

I have to tell you, I’m friggin’ amazed that it hasn’t happened as they said it would. Here we are, a full three months and a few days into 2021, and Joe Biden has done, what? Send us $1,400 of the $2,000 he promised us? He’s created a crisis on the southern border where now three and five year olds are dropped over a 15 foot fence into this country by their parents, or the mules their parents hired to bring them here…left to fend for themselves? We’ve seen his son now admit that he “doesn’t know if that was his laptop or not” that had all of that damning information on it. It may have been the Russians. Are you telling me you couldn’t identify your own computer? I doubt many people would fall for that one!

This year has been characterized as one of lies, half-truths, mis-steps, bogus comments, walkbacks, and more lies. Democrats are fumbling around trying to figure out how to change the rules that have been in place since ancient Roman times. I’m of course, talking about the filibuster. Democrats realize that they can’t muster 60 votes to pass anything in Congress when they have a 50/50 tie, so they do what they do best. If you can’t win honestly and legally, cheat or change the rules to your advantage. That means that all the bluster that we hear coming out of the mouths of that 80-something Nancy Pelosi and that 70-something Chuck Schumer is nothing more than blather and lies. They can’t make Puerto Rico a state. They can’t pack the Supreme Court. They can’t open the borders and pass Biden’s lame attempt at immigration reform.

And what galls me beyond belief is that We The People fell for the ruse. I know there have been minority groups that have fallen for it for the last 70 or 80 years, where they are touted as “important planks in the party” when elections roll around, and then forgotten after that. I know that they tell us they are for “the working people in this country” before the elections, and then afterwards, cut out 11,000 union jobs sending people to the unemployment lines. I know they tell us they are all about helping people that help them get elected prior to the election, before they decide they are going to take the coal miners in our country and put them out of work, telling them they should “learn to code computer programs”.

So, what are We The People going to do about it? Democrats even at the state level have some rather serious issues facing them. In Georgia, they’re all upset at the new voting laws that actually expanded voting, yet very upset at Major League Baseball for yanking the All Star Game from Atlanta because of it. In California, where the largest contingent of Democrats in the country resides, they’ve reached recall proportions against their Democrat sitting Governor. And in New York….yeah, you know as well as I what’s happening in the Empire State. Not much empire there anymore.

If you look at the cities in this country with the highest crime rates (I’m looking at YOU, Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Washington DC, and Seattle) they are run by Democrats. And to have a 33% rise in crime, regardless which party is in charge is ridiculous. But we were promised that all would be right with Joe Biden. He’d work across the aisle because he’s done that for 47 years. Yet when he gets into power, what’s the first thing he does? He ignores the Republicans and shoves his own stimulus bill through with absolutely 0 Republican votes. That’s not what I remember bi-partisanship is. Maybe I fell asleep in Civics Class.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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