The Face of Ineffeciancy

When you think about it, there are actually a million different ways to rate lawmakers. There’s popularity of course, there’s name recognition (much different from popularity), there’s the myriad of PAC’s who rate lawmakers as to how they vote on that particular PAC’s issues, and then there’s probably the most important, but least heard from.

That would be Efficiency.

There are 240 Democrat Congressmen and women in the halls of Congress right now. And the University of Virginia and Vanderbilt University wanted to see who it was that was the most and the least efficient when it comes to actually doing their job; i.e. passing bills.

The most efficient Democrat from last year isn’t even in Washington, DC any longer. That would be New York Representative Nita Lowey from Westchester, who retired at the end of the term. During her tenure in Congress, Lowey offered up 29 major bills (not naming buildings or railroads after people), and had seven of them passed. John Katko, a Republican from Syracuse, New York was second. He had six of his bills signed into law.

And one of the least efficient, ranking 230 out of the 240 Democrats ranked? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. AOC introduced 21 bills during her first term in office. None of them received backing from a number of her colleagues and the bills went nowhere. Thus, while probably one of the best known as far as name recognition or followers on TikTok, AOC trails the field when it comes to actually being able to do her job.

And her buds in the Wacko Five are actually faring better than she is.

Ilhan Omar introduced 33 bills. But none of them reached the Committee level or made it to the House floor either. She ranked just ahead of AOC because she tried more times. And Rashida Tlaib actually scored in the top half of Democrats at #92 with some bills making it to committee, and one actually becoming law.

And what does all of this tell us?

It tells us that the people that we hear from a lot in Washington, DC are not the people that are actually getting the job done. I mean, how many of you had ever heard of Nita Lowey, unless you’re from the New York City area? And how many of you have actually heard of John Katko unless you live in Syracuse? Probably none. You never see them on Fox News or CNN. There’s probably a very good reason for that. They are too busy working “for the people”.

What this list should tell us is that the people that are always looking for the cameras to espouse their views, people like Adam Schiff or Jerry Nadler, or Nancy Pelosi, aren’t the ones that actually do anything in Congress. Oh, they may be viewed as the “leaders”, but are they really leading if they aren’t actually writing bills? Isn’t that after all, why we put them there in the first place?

The federal government is filled with egomaniacs from both parties who’s only job is to get in front of as many TV cameras as they can find and become better known. After all, winning the “name game” is one way to advance your career. Such a sad way!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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