20 Questions

Let’s play a little game. Let’s say you were in the White House Press Briefing Room. Joe Biden walked in. You were the only person other than him in the room, and you could ask him 20 questions. ANY 20 questions. What would you ask? Here are mine:

  1. You came out in favor of Major League Baseball boycotting Georgia because of what you call a “Jim Crow Law” with their new voting bill, but you haven’t come out against China or supported a boycott of the 2022 Olympic games held there even though they are murdering Uighurs and raping the women, and forcing them to have abortions. Why the disparity?
  2. During the Senate campaign in Georgia, you promised at several campaign stops to “get those $2,000 checks out the door immediately” if Ossoff and Warnock were elected. They were. Yet you backtracked and only sent out $1,400 checks some two months later. How do you make this right with the American people?
  3. You said you were going to have the most transparent White House in history, and nobody was to treat anybody with disrespect. Yet when White House aide TJ Ducklo threatened a White House reporter from Axios who asked about a relationship he was having with another reporter, the White House was mum for two months. Is this what you mean by being transparent?
  4. You promised during the campaign that you would raise taxes only on people making $400,000 a year or more. Yet, the latest proposal calls on raising taxes on “household incomes” of $400,000 a year or more. That means two people making only $200,000 a year could see a tax increase. Shouldn’t you revise your tax policy to fit your campaign promise?
  5. You have called Andrew Cuomo “The Gold Standard” when it comes to COVID relief. Now he’s under investigation for his decision to make nursing homes in New York take COVID patients, even though that would expose other nursing home patients to the disease, and he had his staff falsify nursing home deaths to make it look like the decision wasn’t as bad as it was. What do you say now about Andrew Cuomo. Is he still the “gold standard”?
  6. How would you assess your Vice President’s performance on the southern border crisis after you named her the point person? And do you think she should be making a trip to the border as Governors in Texas and Arizona have requested? Also…why hasn’t she given a press conference up date in over two weeks?
  7. What do you say to women athletes everywhere after you issued an Executive Order that allows transgenders to participate in all sports, forcing women to compete with men?
  8. If Hunter Biden is found to have made money from Ukraine and China as has been alleged, while you were Vice President, and as his laptop shows, you were to get a cut of the money, are you willing to turn over the millions of dollars you were paid for making introductions to foreign leaders while serving as VP?
  9. You and your administration have chastised Donald Trump for “putting kids in cages”. But it seems all you did was replace a chain link fence with a plexiglass barrier. There are still kids in cages. Were you wrong in chastising Trump?
  10. You have called the Georgia Voting Law a throwback to “Jim Crow laws” in the south, and that they are racist because they force blacks to show ID. Is the White House and Congress planning on lifting the requirement that people touring your facilities show an ID before getting admission?
  11. You mentioned while campaigning in Pennsylvania that you were against banning fracking. Yet you went ahead and issued an Executive Order banning fracking on all federal lands. How do you reconcile the differences?
  12. As a US Senator, you, as your former boss, Bobo Obama, came out in favor of keeping the filibuster exactly as it is. That wasn’t that long ago. Now you are all in favor of the Democrats getting rid of it, or weakening it so that you can pass your agenda that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do not having 60 votes. What has changed from your floor speech on the Senate to today?
  13. You promised that you had a plan to end the pandemic in America. It was supposedly 200 pages long, though no one outside of your inner circle ever saw it, and what they did see reminded them suspiciously of Donald Trump’s plan. Since then, you’ve abandoned that plan entirely. Why?
  14. Speaking of the pandemic, you campaigned on getting schools re-opened. You wanted to have schools opened in the first 100 days. Then the teachers unions got all up in arms and you caved. You changed the promise to “50% plus one of the nations schools open for in-classroom learning at least one day a week.” That’s a pretty weak promise isn’t it?
  15. You have said that under Donald Trump, America was being ridiculed and mocked by other countries. Yet China has openly mocked you; Vladimir Putin has challenged you to a televised debate shown worldwide; North Korea has resumed launching missiles…something they had stopped under Trump. And Iran has chastised you for trying to get back into the JCPOA. How do you believe we’ve gained any respect from countries because of these countries actions toward you and your administration.
  16. Going back to the southern border crisis, you have blamed the surge on Donald Trump, but his numbers were down substantially from what you are seeing this spring. The President of Mexico has said that things were much better under Donald Trump, and only 27% of Americans approve of the job you’re doing at the southern border. Are you ready to walk back that claim that the border is Trump’s fault and accept the responsibility for what’s happening there?
  17. While we are on the subject of illegal immigration, Border Patrol has caught at least two people that were on the Homeland Security Watchlist as being terrorists, trying to sneak into the country. They have also arrested a member of the MS-13 gang. Do you feel you are doing a good job keeping the border states safe from terrorists?
  18. Again, staying at the southern border, back in September of last year, you said that you would not deport any illegal alien during the first 100 days of your presidency unless they committed a felony against an American citizen. Two weeks into your term, an illegal killed a woman while drunk driving. They weren’t deported. Though, in your first 100 days, over 28,000 people have been deported. How can we believe anything you have to say about the border?
  19. You want to spend $2.2 trillion on what you call “infrastructure”, yet only 5% of the bill calls for the money to go to actual infrastructure. The rest goes to climate change items, liberal wish lists, and bailing out more cities and unions. How much do you really need to increase the number of infrastructure jobs that are already on the books? And how many additional jobs would that be?
  20. You have mentioned that the infrastructure job that you’re spending over $2.2 trillion on would create 19 million jobs in the next ten years. Yet, the CBO has said even if nothing was passed with this bill, we would create 16 million jobs and that your bill would only create 2.7 million jobs over 10 years. This means that each job would cost roughly $830,000. Don’t you find that a little inefficient?

There you have it. Joe…I’m ready for you!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “20 Questions

  1. Why aren’t CNN and MSNBC and the rest of the democrap Trump hate media asking these questions ? Shouldn’t they be as angry or at least disappointed with all the broken promises and his “answer 6 questions a month (from questions whose answers I’ve memorized” news media ?

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    1. Carl, you are giving them too much credit. They aren’t thinking with their jobs in mind. They are thinking with their political ideologies in mind. But to answer your question, YES, they SHOULD be disappointed and angry. I would think they would be spitting nails at a conservative right now.

      Liked by 1 person

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