So…Who’s Running?

Of course I’m referring to the 2024 election for President of the United States. We can almost be sure that if Joe Biden is about to still read a teleprompter with today’s acumen, he will probably still be on the ticket. If not, look for Kamala Harris to step up and try to get the nomination. Maybe this time she can actually make it to the election year before she steps down and calls it quits. No…I’m referring to the Republican side of things. There are some interesting rumblings going on that may require a look at who’s going to run.

Of course, the 800 pound gorilla in the room is Donald Trump. If Trump decides to run again, he’s going to be the front-runner. But as we all have learned in the past, the front-runner doesn’t always get the cheese. It’s a marathon, and a lot of stuff can happen between the time you announce and the convention. But for the moment, if Trump were to decide to run, he’d probably still be in the first chair.

Besides Trump, there are some interesting choices though. Former Vice President, Mike Pence would be a good second choice. Or even a good first choice. He’s conservative, has experience both as an executive leader (Governor of Indiana), and Vice President, and knows the DC political game pretty much as well as anyone.

Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina Governor, and most recently the UN Ambassador under Donald Trump is a name that’s being bandied about quit a bit. Haley certainly has the experience. She’s young and energetic. She’s smart and conservative. Those are redeeming qualities. And being a woman, it would give the Republicans the chance to take another poke at women’s libbers the world over by electing a conservative as the first woman president (assuming Harris doesn’t take over for Biden). Don’t forget, the GOP did it with the first Supreme Court Justice in Sandra Day O’Connor. Democrats don’t have a stranglehold on putting women first!

Others in the running? I’ve heard Tucker Carlson, the Fox News host talked about quite a bit. To be honest, it’s a longshot because Fox News anchors and hosts typically don’t do well in the political game. Just look at Mike Huckabee as an example. Usually Fox News is where these guys go when their political career is over… like Jason Chavitz, or even Harold Ford Jr.

Ivanka Trump has been talked about. She doesn’t have the experience, and there are a lot better candidates out there that do have experience. I think she sits on the sidelines, especially if dad decides to run again.

Marco Rubio ran the last two presidential elections, but didn’t do well. In fact, traditionally, those that run over and over again don’t get the nomination. I don’t expect him to do well in this election either.

Condoleezza Rice, the former Secretary of State under George W. Bush is smart enough. But she’s not mentioned that she’d want the job. Maybe she’d make a good VP, but I don’t see her running for President.

Mike Pompeo, the recent Secretary of State has already been visiting Iowa, but was basically campaigning for Trump. I think Pompeo is smart enough, has great experience, but as we’ve seen in the past, Secretary’s of State typically don’t do well in presidential elections (look at Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Robert Kennedy!)

Ted Cruz is certainly one with experience. He doesn’t have executive leadership abilities but he is the one that was the last man out in 2016 when Trump ran against Hillary. He is a rock-ribbed conservative, so I could see that as a plus for the Texan, but he also had some problems getting re-elected against who I consider a political lightweight in Beto O’Rourke. I don’t think he’s got the camera presence to make a lasting showing.

My final pick this time around is Tim Scott, the Senator from South Carolina. Scott is experienced, and likeable. He’s conservative, and being black, he erases any Democrat notions to use the race card during the race.

There you have it. Plenty of others could chime in between now and 2023, but that’s the latest from here. Walter…back to you!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

2 thoughts on “So…Who’s Running?

  1. Interesting! My thoughts are…die hard Trumpster’s are pissed off at Pence because he wouldn’t allow a committee to review the election results during the certification process, so he’s a no-go as far as I’m concerned.

    Nikki Haley said she wouldn’t run if Trump does in 2024.

    Tucker Carlson would be joke and I doubt he has any real interest. Not a chance!

    Ivanka Trump? You’re right. no experience and probably just wishful thinking from her fans!

    Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz? I think their ship has sailed.

    Condoleezza Rice: I think her big asperation is to become the commissioner of the NFL.

    Mike Pompeo is a good choice but I’m not sure he has enough exposure. Millennials can’t even tell you who the vice president is let alone knowing who the Secretary of State was! Similarly, Tim Scott is a great choice but is he really known to the public? He does eliminate the race card issue but I wouldn’t want that to be the reason he runs or where he finds his popularity.

    I think the elephant in the room right now is Ron DeSantis but I’m not so sure he wants the job although I think he would and could be a formidable opponent to Trump if Trump decides to run again in 24. I think Trump’s age in 2024 would cause great apprehension among the voting public.

    It’s fun to think about and I don’t think it will be too much longer before we see who sticks their toes into the water. Heck, Candace Owens from Turning Point USA has even indicated that she may run if nobody she considers better does. She use to be a Democrat but once she realized the Dem’s were just trying to keep Black’s on the plantation she started the Blexit Foundation and movement!

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    1. Oh, I think DeSantis wants the job. And he’s got the executive experience behind him. The question is, when COVID is ancient history in a year or two, will people remember him? I don’t think Candace Owens has much of a chance. But it’s an interesting thought!


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