Boehner’s Post-Retirement Rant

So, what’s up with John Boehner? The former Speaker of the House from Ohio has been relatively quiet for years. Oh, he was never a fan of Donald Trump and wasn’t shy about telling the world about it. But there were lots of Republicans that were Never Trumpers. Typically, they were the “old-time” politicians that had spent their entire careers either in the House or the Senate, or running failed candidacies for the White House. So, you can understand why all of a sudden a political neophyte like Trump would get under their skin if he came into their “club” and did what none of them could ever do. I get that.

But Boehner has now unleashed this steady stream of vitriol on current Senate Republican and presidential hopeful, Ted Cruz.

Being fair to both sides, Cruz is a rock-ribbed conservative. Boehner was a RINO by any definition. They came from two entirely different generations. Cruz is of the newer generation of Republicans, much more conservative, and able to stir up others’ emotions. Boehner came from the old school, where deals were made after the second bottle of expensive Johnny Walker Blue, and a lot of back slapping with the folks on the other side of the aisle. Yes, you can see where the divergence came in.

But Cruz and Boehner have been at each others’ throats since back in February. Back then, Cruz referred to Boehner’s well know love for the glass of expensive alcohol. But he got Boehner’s goat when he took the former Speaker’s book, “On The House: A Washington Memoir”, and burned it in his office fireplace, then took a picture of it and posted it online. Yeah…that may have gone a little far.

Boehner criticized Cruz as being the guy that was “always stirring up trouble with some of the knuckleheads in my caucus.” So…that’s the reason for the acid tongued speech?

Look, I get it these two never were best buddies. But here’s the deal. Former Speakers of the House are usually forgotten about 10 seconds after they leave office. The reason is simple. They don’t matter anymore. I mean, how many former speakers can you actually name? If you get more than three, you’re doing well, and no fair naming Tip O’Neill! There’s a bonus point if you can name how many of them are in jail right now as well.

Boehner’s time in the spotlight came and went. He’s history. He had the chance to make whatever mark he was going to make in DC, and he left and went back to rural West Chester Township, Ohio. It’s time for him to follow in the footsteps of the other Speaker’s and let the current crop of politicians do their best at running the country. There is nothing so sad as watching an old, washed up politician try to be relevant. That’s because no matter how hard they try, they aren’t.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “Boehner’s Post-Retirement Rant

  1. Yeah, and now he’s a lobbyist for the cannabis industry.
    Don’t you just love the way politicians play both ends of the game?
    I guess the cannabis compliments the Johnny Walker!

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