Time To Shelve Oscars?

I remember when I was a kid growing up in Michigan, the Academy Awards was a big deal. My mother would make sure that I had seen probably four, sometimes all five of the nominees for Best Picture. I could tell you the nominees for Best Actor and Actress, Supporting Actor and Actress, hell, even the Best Director! And there was a time that over a quarter of the nation would tune in on Oscar night to watch which movies were picked as the best of the best.

How times have changed!

The Oscars were held this past Sunday night. And by all accounts, it was a bust. There were about eight million viewers tuning in. That’s a far cry below the 50 and 60 million that used to watch just 30 years ago. So, it begs the question, why? What happened that the Academy Awards, that once heralded mega-night of glitz and Hollywood glamor could suddenly drop into obscurity? What would cause this program that is one of the all-time premier award shows to almost lose out to 60 Minutes? I doubt the answer will surprise many of you.

It is politics.

At a time when the country is torn apart by politics, and nothing, not even Sleepy Joe Biden is able to bring us together and unite us, the country is divided so deeply that when the Oscar winners get on stage for their acceptance speeches, we tune out.

Actually, that’s exactly what happened. They now have the ability with TV ratings to do minute by minute ratings and see where it was that viewers switched off of a TV show. This past Sunday it was exactly when people started talking about George Floyd’s murder, or defunding the police, or abolishing the police, or green new deal, or any of the other stuff that the left is foisting on us.

And I had to stop and think for a minute. IF Hollywood leftist socialists are espousing and mimicking AOC and Bernie Sanders, shouldn’t the leftist socialists and snowflakes around the country be tuned in and applauding? The answer is, no…they never tuned in in the first place. The Oscars are not there for the leftist crowd. They are there for the old farts that used to go and watch Betty Grable, and John Wayne, and Marilyn Monroe, and Spencer Tracy. The Millennials of today aren’t watching shows like the Oscars. That’s SO, 1960’s to them! Those folks aren’t even watching ABC, much less an awards show there. They may catch something on MTV or on TikTok (or at least commentary on Tiktok), but you won’t find them watching ABC’s coverage.

So, the media has a really important decision to make. Are the Oscars going to go the way of the Rose Bowl Parade? Remember? That used to be one of the New Year’s Day traditions in millions of households all over the country. You could tune in to NBC (they always showed the parade), and watch the great floats made of flowers, and the marching bands, and the stars. What a special time that was. Now where do you go to find it? Anybody? Buehler? Buehler?

It’s on The Hallmark Channel.

Network TV has maybe one or two more years that they are going to carry the Academy Awards before they shuffle it off to one of the second or third tier networks. There were 18 million viewers a year ago. There were eight million this year. If they lose another 10 million next year, there won’t be anybody watching. It’ll be crickets.

The cure is easy. Nominate mainstream movies that everyone goes to and watches. That’s the first thing. There’s a reason why Nomadland, the winner of this year’s Best Picture, is available for free on a ton of the streaming stations. No one went to see it and paid for it. Second, tell the winners that they aren’t allowed to make political comments. They are there to thank the people that helped give them their award, and go party the rest of the night. And let America know that those boring speeches aren’t going on. Maybe…just maybe, that will be enough to save the Academy Awards from being shown on E!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “Time To Shelve Oscars?

  1. Perhaps they should change the name from the Oscars to the Bernie’s, as in the 1989 movie “Weekend at Bernie’s”
    where a couple of guys try to make their dead boss look like he’s still alive!

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