The Kerry Conundrum

Personally, I’ve never liked John Kerry. I have thought that he was pompous, over-blown, elitist, and just an ass. I didn’t like his whole story about serving in Vietnam. I didn’t like his story about commanding swift boats, and didn’t believe it. I thought his throwing his service medals over the White House fence was a joke and not at all meaningful. His run for the presidency was idiocy as was his time in the Senate. Look, the guy married into money when he married Theresa Heinz-Kerry. It’s allowed him to skate his entire life.

There are two sides to the current controversy involving Kerry, who is serving as the “climate czar” for Joe Biden. If you haven’t heard, the New York Times has reported that Kerry shared top secret Israeli military information with Iranian diplomat, Mohammad Javad Zarif regarding Israel’s covert operations in Syria. Kerry denies he ever did this. The Times says they are sticking by their story.

Now, there are two possible outcomes to this. The first is the Times is right, and Kerry has shared Israeli information with Iran. We know Kerry was basically in bed with the Iranians during the Obama administration because he was the lead negotiator as Secretary of State over the whole Iran Nuclear Arms Deal that Bobo wanted so bad. During that time, Kerry was getting awfully chummy with the Iranians. Apparently, Zarif has said that Kerry told him the information. If that’s true, that’s going to cause major problems for Kerry. It could be considered treasonous and Kerry’s life as he knows it would be over.

The other side of the coin is that Kerry is telling the truth. If indeed he didn’t say anything to the Iranians, and Zarif went to the Times to try and sway public opinion toward Iran and away from the Biden administration and Kerry, then it’s just another propaganda ploy by the Iranians, which there have been many, to hang the west out to dry. The last thing Iran really wants is the United States to come back into the JCPOA, because then they would have to back down on their bomb-making capabilities that they have escalated since Donald Trump left that accord.

Obviously, you or I don’t know for sure which side is telling the truth. That should say a LOT about John Kerry right there. If we can’t be sure one way or another which side is lying, and we can’t back our own countryman, it doesn’t look good either way you slice it. I will say this. The New York Times USED to be almost infallible when it came to responsible investigative journalism. But over the last decade or so, they began to make up stories, get stories wrong, run with stories without verifying them, and that has led to an incredible degradation of their credibility. I don’t know as if they can be trusted with something this important. In that case, this whole issue becomes a He Said, She Said. Unless there is proof, John Kerry is going to skate (again).

What’s the worst thing that could happen to Kerry? Well, if the noise gets too loud for Biden, he may fire Kerry. But look at it this way, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC have all skipped the story. CNN has reported on it, as has Newsmax and Fox News. It’s obviously been in the Times, and is also in the Washington Post as well as a few hundred other newspapers around the country. But that’s pretty much it. And if all you do is watch MSNBC or one of the three main TV networks, you may not even know it’s happening. If that’s the case, I don’t think the noise is going to get that loud. But if there happens to be a smoking gun somewhere and this thing gets legs, I can see Kerry’s career as a servant of the government coming to an abrupt end.

That would leave him a lot of time to ski St. Moritz, wouldn’t it?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

8 thoughts on “The Kerry Conundrum

  1. I remember news reports over last several years of Israel’s attacks on Iranian troops and Russian supply depts in Syria. Even clandestine sabatauge in Iran itself. Everyone knew it was Israel. They never denied it so even if Kerry shared info with Iran it must have been of little or no value. But this does not excuse his treachery against America if he did share info with Iran. He always seems to take the side of America’s enemies and is against US efforts in foreign affairs and diplomatic outreaches. He is so foolish to think we can trust the radical America haters (and entire West) of their Muslim leaders.

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  2. Nothing happened to Kerry when it was discovered that he was still negotiating behind the scenes with Iran during the Trump administration so I don’t expect any ramifications over this. Don’t forget…he’s a Democrat and there’s a separate rule of law for Democrats.
    I consider Kerry to be the male version of Jane Fonda.

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    1. No…Kerry is worse than Jane Fonda. She at least had the common sense after losing work as “Hanoi Jane” to shut the hell up and stay in the country (at least not go back to Vietnam!). Kerry is just an idiot. But you’re right…nothing is going to happen to him over this incident. It doesn’t matter how wrong it was and how many laws he broke. When the Dems are in charge, they don’t arrest their own…regardless of the crime (look at Hillary!)


  3. Kerry will skate regardless. Who is going to hold him accountable? I know you can trust the Iranians……but I believe Zarif in this case. The Iranians don’t want Kerry or the Biden Administration going anywhere, not while they can take advantage of their stupidity, and money! They are an extension of Obama! Biden will cave to them, he wants to be their hero!

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