Here’s Why We Don’t Always Believe In “Science”

Liberals love to point to “the science” when defending their position. I guess it started with the whole global warming-climate change hoax. They had basically had several governments withhold grants and funding to scientists around the world unless and until they bought into the whole climate change hoax being foisted on the public. Then the liberal eco-terrorists could say, “See? We are following the science!” whenever there was an argument.

We saw it again in the whole COVID situation, except that the science kept changing. People like Fauci lost a lot of credibility because he at first said you didn’t need to wear a mask. Then he said you did need to wear a mask. Then pictures of him went viral at a baseball game not wearing a mask. You saw the same type of thing from California Governor, Gavin Newsome going out to eat at a tony French restaurant, sans mask. Yet, the liberals kept “citing the science” as their reason for their arguments.

Except the arguments weren’t based on science.

When you look at what’s happening now, you have to shake your head and laugh at “science”. The most recent happening occurred in Texas. There, the Texas House was debating House Bill 4042, which bars transgender athletes from taking part in women’s sports in grades K-12 in the Lone Star state.

Now, during the debate, Democrat James Talarico, came out with the comment that there are not two sexes. There are six “according to science”. And we thought there were only two! We’ve been such fools!

Apparently, it’s the left’s contention that gender is not black and white, or in this case male and female. There is a sliding scale. There are different types of male and female, and some that are neither. That’s according to their science, and Talarico is a Harvard educated former school teacher! Of course, that right there says a lot about Talarico!

The president of Save Women’s Sports, Beth Stelzer wasn’t having anything to do with his argument. She cited scientific studies “proving that the male advantage is immutable [in athletics], and there are in fact two sexes. They are dimorphic: XX, XY.”

Stelzer went on to say that yes, there are two genders, male and female, and there are several “disorders of sexual development that are variants of the XX, XY chromosomes.” That doesn’t make them a gender. It makes them suffering from a genetic disorder.

Therein lies the whole reason why people with more than half a brain are losing faith in science. You can, these days, find a scientist that will pretty much say anything as long as they get their grant money. They can make up studies, they can fudge results, they can lie with the best of them. It seems as if science, is no longer a pursuit of the truth in a provable way who’s results can be duplicated by running the same experiments. At least that’s what I was taught in school. Nowadays, it’s whatever the left seems to want it to say. Look at it kind of like a psychiatrist testifying in court whether a defendant in a criminal trial was able to stand trial or not. The prosecution has an expert witness that will testify that they are competent to stand trial. The defense will counter with their own expert witness that will testify that they are not competent to stand trial.

And you wonder why people with a modicum of schooling don’t trust the left? It’s because of the lies that are being told. The same lies that someone like James Talarico buy into just so he can get transgendered students more into the mainstream of society. It’s the whole, “Make everybody normal” movement.

And that’s why Republicans don’t buy into the science. It’s because of people like James Talarico, who like to lie and make up stories for a living.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “Here’s Why We Don’t Always Believe In “Science”

    1. Now Carl! You KNOW that when the left doesn’t agree with something it simply doesn’t exist! Science exists ONLY when the left can use it in their arguments. When you bring unborn children into this argument, they go crazy because there is no explanation other than one: MURDER!

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  1. Makes you wonder, just who can you believe? You can’t believe the lawyers, the scientists, the expert doctors, the politicians (especially the President), the News and Media, and unfortunately, you can’t even believe what teachers are teaching anymore!

    I wish Mom and Dad were still alive!

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