I Guess Money CAN’T Buy Happiness!

I was sadden to learn this the other day. Bill and Melinda Gates have decided to get divorced after 27 years of marriage. Well, I should say first that the REASON I’m sad is because I don’t like it when anyone’s marriage doesn’t work out. Having been a child of a broken home, I can tell you divorce isn’t something that should be celebrated. It’s a wrenching event that has lasting effects on all parties involved. The good news is, there aren’t any kids involved here. But it teaches you one lesson…

Money apparently cannot buy happiness.

Bill and Melinda issued a statement announcing the divorce. Well, technically I don’t think they ever called it a “divorce”. They said they had decided to “end their marriage”. Same thing really. It didn’t say what was going to happen to the $130.5 billion that has been amassed. Apparently there was no pre-nuptial agreement, so the odds are, Bill will be taken to the cleaners, and every gigolo in the world will be hot on Melinda’s trail. Yeah…I suppose if they can live with a bad haircut, women the world over will be all over Bill as well.

The couple will still work together in one vein though. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will continue to spread money all over the world. They’ve given over 1,600 grants totaling over $54 billion in just over 20 years. I did the math. That equals about $33.75 million per grant. No…I wasn’t in on getting any of that pie.

I think as I went through my 40’s and was watching my kids grow, it hit me that I was chasing the almighty dollar. I had been pretty much all of my adult life. “If I could only make…” became a mantra. But when it hit me that I really had been caught up in that and not watching what was important to me, I decided I didn’t care what I made. Money certainly couldn’t buy happiness. Oh, it can buy things that can make you happy for a while. But it can’t buy true happiness. I already had that with my family. I had that with my wife. And when we got married, I could afford a warm bucket of spit.

It may have taken the Gates’ a little longer to figure that one out, but apparently they have. I really do feel sorry for folks that are married and unhappy. That’s not the outcome that should be happening when you do get married. It should be blissful. It should be magical. But you have to work at it. Not just today, but every day. At least that’s what I’ve learned. And apparently, the Gates’ may not have run out of money, but they did run out of the ability to create that magic.

Even though politically, I can’t stand Bill & Melinda’s positions on things, I feel sad that they are calling it quits as a couple. That can never be a good thing. And it does prove the old adage. Money certainly can’t buy happiness!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

2 thoughts on “I Guess Money CAN’T Buy Happiness!

  1. Money can’t buy happiness and it can’t buy good health, but boy, it sure can buy a lot of other things…like tolerance!

    I wonder how long his wife knew about Bill’s yearly rendezvous with his ex-girlfriend in North Carolina?

    I always had a saying when I worked for a living, and it was, “Your level of tolerance is directly proportionate to your salary”, meaning that if you were being paid enough, you would put up with the BS! Apparently Melinda was being paid enough, and now half of Bill’s wealth will belong to her?

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