Any Doubts Biden Is Incompetent?

Oh, I know that most people that actually have a working brain have asked this question already. In fact, it was asked by mainstream snowflake media types during the campaign. In the end, it didn’t matter. Joe Biden was asked several times if he was competent, if he would be willing to undergo testing to see if his mental capacity was everything he claimed. He took offense to that remark if you recall. But apparently, his own staff feels he’s not able to answer the simplest of questions without being schooled on the “correct answer”.

In short, Joe Biden is incompetent.

How do I know such a thing being 2,300 miles away from the White House? Simple. Jen “Let Me Circle Back” Psaki said so. Well, she didn’t say so in so many words. What she said was that she, and the rest of Biden’s staff keep him hidden from the press and the media so that they can’t ask him any unapproved questions without their knowledge.

You heard right. Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, told the media that yes, Joe Biden IS being hidden from the press. They aren’t letting him answer unvetted questions, and they don’t want him out there on his own. ALL questions need to be vetted and answered for Joe ahead of time!

Now, my first reaction isn’t shock. It isn’t disbelief. It’s more of “What took you so long?” Anyone that has taken the time to watch anything Biden has done realizes that he rehearses everything he does. His speeches have been rehearsed and drilled into him. His press conferences are nothing more than rehearsed question and answer sessions. But one question you always need to ask yourself when dealing with anything that happens in our nation’s capital is, “WHY?” Why on earth would Biden’s staff want to keep him hidden from the press so that he wasn’t given questions that hadn’t been vetted by his communications department?

The answer is simple. They’ve seen what trouble he gets himself into when that happens. They are tired of walking back all of the answers and telling the world what he “really means” when he says one thing that is so far off base that it makes no sense.

And this is the guy you chose to be the leader of the free world? This is the guy that has his finger on the nuclear button? This is the guy that was a better choice than Donald Trump? Really?

This is just the beginning of what will come out about Joe Biden. The tell-all books will come soon. They’ll be out probably in the next year or so when staffers leave the White House, upset that they backed a buffoon as President of the United States. He was a guy that was just like the groundskeeper in the Bad News Bears Breaking Training (Google it if you need to…the comparison of the two pictures are stunning!). And in the end, just like how Ronald Reagan used to fall asleep in Cabinet Meetings, this too will come out. And it won’t be pretty.

When it does come out, the world will stop wondering why Iran is being so boastful. They’ll stop pondering why China is so belligerent, and why Russia is wanting to debate Biden, and put it on television for the world to see. Biden is incompetent. There is no other explanation. His staff knows it, and now, thanks to “Circle Back To It” Psaki, the world knows it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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