Need More Proof Dems Are In Trouble In 2022?

Oh, they are. The party is more fractured and split than the GOP ever was during the Tea Party days. It appears that in state after state, there are going to be primary fights, even when the Democrat is the incumbent. Even Democrat strategist, and Hillary Clinton cheater, Donna Brazile says that the party is “going through growing pains”. Actually it’s not growing pains. It’s a push toward socialism. And the mainstream of the party is fighting it with no guarantee that they are going to win.

In the end, what could very well happen is exactly what happened to the Tea Party movement. In a rush to get their own candidates on the ballot, the Tea Party often nominated uber-conservative people that when it came to the general election, proved to be much too conservative for the voters of that district. And so, seats were flipped and the Republicans ended up losing to Democrats who were more mainstream, and less “scary”.

It’s happening in Pennsylvania, one of the only states that the Democrats actually think they have a chance of gaining a Senate seat. Pat Toomey (R-Pa) is retiring, and Pennsylvania decided to jump on the Biden bandwagon in 2022. They have a Democrat as a Governor, and their Lt. Governor, John Fetterman, is poised to throw his hat into the ring. Of course, there will be competition from all sides. And that is usually the case when a sitting incumbent decides to retire.

The problem is, Pennsylvania is about the only state where Democrats can look and see the chance to flip a seat. In Nevada, where the Democrat party is in total disarray after the Harry Reid run faction was ousted earlier this year. The newcomers are much too liberal for even the Clark County (Las Vegas) crowd. And the chances of keeping the seat currently held by Catherine Cortez Masto are rapidly fading. In Arizona, GOP sources tell me that either Representative and former State Senate President, Andy Biggs is considering running against newly elected Mark Kelly (D-Az), but another name that is popping up quite a bit is Attorney General, Mark Brnovich, who is quite popular across the state, and would certainly be a better candidate than Martha McSally who lost to Kelly in 2020 in a special election.

Meanwhile in Georgia, which garnered tons of media attention after the presidential race last year, Raphael Warnock beat one of the worst candidates to ever run for the Senate in Kelly Loeffler, will most likely face NFL Superstar, Herschel Walker, one of the most popular figures of either party in the state of Georgia! Walker will most assuredly come away with the win there if he decides to run.

It’s happening in state after state. And with the Senate tied at 50-50, the Republicans only need to really flip a couple of seats for them to take over. We outlined a while back how easy it would be for them to take over the House based solely on Democrat resignations and retirements from red districts alone. Add redistricting to the mix, which most assuredly is going to favor the GOP for the next ten years, and you’re going to see a red wave like nothing you’ve seen before in Congress.

Now, add to the fact that a stark four months into his four year term, Joe Biden is already seeing his economic policies leading to major problems. The jobs market only added about 390,000 jobs in February, about 900,000 in March (most of that was governmental hiring), and back down to about 266,000 in April. That’s well below what’s needed. The unemployment rate actually ticked up to 6.1% from 6.0% in April. If this trend of mediocre recovery continues, Biden could be in a world of hurt.

That hurt is already evidenced in the fact that Biden wants to talk to both parties over coming together over his humungous infrastructure bill, which is nowhere near having the votes in the Senate to pass. There is a bi-partisan effort out there that is about a quarter of the size of Biden’s plan, and does away with things that most normal people don’t consider to be “infrastructure”. You know…things like daycare, and free college?

So overall, Democrats are almost (not quite) in a panic mode right now. And they realize it’s only going to get tougher, not easier over the next year and a half!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

7 thoughts on “Need More Proof Dems Are In Trouble In 2022?

  1. I fear your enthusiastic prognostication is a bit too early! We still need to see what happens with SR-1 and if that passes, all bets are off and you won’t see a republican win anything other than a trip out the door!

    Also, there are still several states that changed their election laws which is still a violation of their own state constitutions, and a topic the courts seem to be avoiding. If they continue to use those laws in the next election you know what will happen.

    An awful lot can happen between now and the next election. I certainly hope you’re right but I’m not holding my breath. The Dem’s still have the potential option of removing the filibuster, which opens another door to make D.C. and Puerto Rico a state thereby gaining more seats in congress. Granted, the D.C. and Puerto Rica statehood thing would face many challenges in the courts, but the elimination of the filibuster is something that can done at anytime with no legal repercussions! And with the filibuster being gone, there’s no telling how much more damage the Dem’s could do before the Patriot’s take to the streets with their guns!

    It all sounds good, but I believe you’re being a bit naïve if you believe the next election will be free and fair and without Democrat interference and obstruction. The Dem’s are in a last ditch fight to gain total control of the government and it’s a fight to the death of either our Democratic Republic or the Democrat/Progressive/Socialist Party! Let’s hope Freedom wins!

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    1. Hmmm. I don’t believe I’ve EVER been called naive! Did I say the next election will be free and fair without Democrat interference? I don’t think I did. But what I DID say was all signs at this juncture point to the GOP gaining seats (including history). I think you’re taking an incredible pessimistic view of things. I try to look at them logically, not emotionally.


      1. I like the word naive….sounds French! Lol!
        Rather than classifying my comments as pessimistic, I’d prefer you viewed them as being realistic. An awful lot can happen before the next election!

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      2. No doubt! But being realistic, you’d have to view the fact that liberal states are losing seats in the House, conservative states are gaining them. Plus the GOP controls more of the redistricting than Democrats do nationally. And historically the party out of the White House gains seats in midterm elections. There have only been two instances in over 100 years where that hasn’t happened. THAT is realistic!

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  2. Although the press either will not cover it or excuses inflation as a good sign (really — I saw it on Houston’s ABC affiliate KTRK while my wife was watching the local news), have you seen how the network news treats inflation?

    It has been a while since I have seen them get so clinical in their definitions. You would think that they surmise that we have no processes of independent thought.

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    1. How else can they spin an increase in prices? You guys have some of, if not the lowest gasoline prices in the country. Here, it’s about $3 a gallon! And that was before the pipeline hack! I think the media realizes they need a full court press to get past the 2022 midterms, and without a Democrat majority in Congress, ol’ Bill’s term is essentially over.

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  3. I sincerely hope you’re right but the Country and the establishment of politics in Washington is in a far different place than it use to be. The depth of the corruption that is now in government is unbelievable. The Dem’s are all-in on becoming the only political party and turning our country into a socialist nation and it’s do-or-die for them.


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