Biden Says If You’re Unemployed, You’d Better Accept A Job!

In probably what has become the first thing Joe Biden has said while either campaigning or in office, I agree with him. Biden was addressing the fact that the April jobs numbers were abysmal. I mean, really, really bad. The economists had forecasted that there would be somewhere around one million jobs added to the workforce. It came in at a paltry 265,000. So, Biden decided he was done messing around.

He said if you’re on unemployment, and you’re offered a job, you’d better take it.

Well, it was something like that. But it’s a step in the right direction. I’ve always felt that there were a lot of dodges when it came to unemployment. Not everybody does it mind you. There are some people who because of no fault of their own, are chronically unemployed. I get that, and they do need help. But I’ve seen enough cases first hand where someone would rather sit on their couch and watch Oprah and Maury Povich (is he even still on TV?) all day than to go out applying for a job. That’s not acceptable. They want the government to continue to pay them unemployment benefits, while they sit at home and do nothing.

Biden is right to deny benefits to people that have been offered a job while on unemployment, but refused to take it. Plain and simple, if you get offered a job, and sitting at home means more to you than being a productive member of society, I’m sorry, but I don’t want to kick in to help you! Get off your couch and get to work.

In a former life I was a landlord in a rather run down area of town. Yeah, some could call it a slum-lord. I got talked in to buying a four-unit apartment building. I thought it would be fun. It was a nightmare. Three of the four units were Section 8, meaning the government would guarantee that I would get my rent on time, and they would fix any damage the tenants caused. This was back before welfare reform. You basically got welfare back then based on the size of your household. None of the women were married, but they all had children, and when they wanted more money, they had more children. It was that easy. I watched them game the system time and time again. They knew the welfare and unemployment laws better than any lawyer I ever knew! So, I know that this stuff goes on.

And it seems to me that younger people are more into the “gimmie” stage of life than some of us that are a little more seasoned. Frankly, the only times in my life I ever took money from the government that I wasn’t owed, was last year during the Coronavirus stimulus payments, and I’ve documented that pretty well on this blog. I did tell my Congresswoman that that money should be means tested. I didn’t need it…but I got the checks anyway.

Biden is right to deny unemployment benefits to people that don’t want to work, but want to collect government money. He needs to get the economy rolling again, and 265,000 jobs a month ain’t going to get it when the “experts” are predicting four times that number. All that does is lead to lowering his approval numbers and he can’t have that, right?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

2 thoughts on “Biden Says If You’re Unemployed, You’d Better Accept A Job!

  1. “Unemployment benefits to people who don’t want to work, but want to collect government money”
    That makes me think about all the illegal aliens that have come and are receiving government money and services but aren’t working! Maybe those thousands of unemployed should be counted in the unemployment rolls?

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