Were We Lied To About COVID?

That’s going to depend on who you want to believe. If you’re the type of person that believes that the World Health Organization, and the CDC, and Anthony Fauci are all upstanding global citizens that are looking out for the best in us, you’re probably going to reach the consensus that no…we weren’t lied to. They may not have had all of the facts from the start, but they were telling the truth the best they knew it.


If you’re going to turn toward the American Media (yes…the Mainstream Media), and listen to what the Republican-led report on the Wuhan lab had to say about it, you’re going to wonder whether this was some world-wide conspiracy.

It would appear that yes, the virus appears to have come from that lab in Wuhan, as was suspected well over a year ago. And according to the Wall Street Journal, it appears that the first people infected were indeed those that worked at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. That was in November of 2019. Now the media is all piling on board saying that’s when it all started. Of course, the State Department, under Donald Trump said that in January of 2020! Back then, no one wanted to listen to them. In fact, when asked about it, Tony Fauci said that he never even heard of the State Department report. And he was the head guy on COVID in this country! It makes you wonder what was going on.

Just like the whole Russian collusion hoax, it appears that the story of how this world-wide pandemic got started was not in some wet market where hungry people gorged themselves on bat meat. It was started in a viral lab, by people working on the virus itself. They became infected with it, and spread it to others in Wuhan, and the others in China, and then all over the world. So, in effect, the Chinese government, if true, would be the culprits for starting the worst pandemic the world has seen since the end of World War I.

But what gets me is that Fauci said in May of last year that there was no way that COVID was engineered in a laboratory. That was utter nonsense. He claims now that the first he heard of it being manufactured in the lab in Wuhan was when he read it in the Wall Street Journal this past week. Huh? You mean to tell me that the guy that supposedly had more information on this disease than anyone else in the country, was totally in the dark that it could have, and probably did come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology? Am I the only one that finds that to be a little bit out of line?

This whole thing raises a lot of questions regarding Anthony Fauci’s credibility moving forward. I really don’t know how to take the guy. First he says that we should wear masks…then we shouldn’t wear masks…then we need to wear masks…then he’s seen at a ball game without a mask on! He’s waffled more on Coronavirus that Joe Biden on whether or not he uses a teleprompter during press conferences!

The sad part here is that we will eventually find out. If it’s true that China was responsible for the virus escaping a lab, even if it wasn’t meant to be “weaponized”, we need to do something to hold China responsible. After all, just about 600,000 people have now died in this country alone because of COVID. That’s a little less (not much) than the total number of dead in the Civil War in this country! The real question is, if this is true, what will Biden do to hold China accountable? My guess? Bupkis.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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