The New Warfare

I remember being told way back in the 1980’s somewhere that the “new warfare” wouldn’t be fought on the battlefield with soldiers. It wouldn’t be fought on the seas with naval vessels. And it wouldn’t involved thousands of aircraft blowing another country to bits with bombs.

It would involve computers.

It took about 40 years, but it seems whoever told me that back then was absolutely right. And as I happened to say back in 2001 when the World Trade Center, and Pentagon were attacked, we were at war back then, but it was a religious war that nobody wanted to call a religious war…today we are at war with Russia. Nobody in DC wants to say that, but we are in fact at war.

When you realize that in the last couple of months, we’ve had a major gas and oil pipeline shut down that sent gasoline prices skyrocketing to levels we haven’t seen since Joe Biden was VICE president, and that was blamed on “hackers” from Russia, and now we’re dealing with the world’s largest meat packer getting hacked, again by Russia, we are under attack.

The question is, will anybody in DC be smart enough to call a spade a spade?

This is the new warfare. It won’t be fought on the battlefield. The loss of human life is far too great for both sides. It won’t be fought with robots, as had been postulated early on. That’s too expensive, especially when you can get some 19 year old geek with a computer to hack into another country’s “secured” system, or some business’ system, and bring it to it’s knees.

Now, I would hope that the US is engaging in similar warfare with Russia, and Iran, and China, and North Korea. I don’t know that for a fact. I know that someone pretty well infected Iran’s nuclear program a few years back, and no one stood up to claim credit (and never will). But I’m hoping that somewhere up the road, IF this is actual war, and it’s looking more and more like it is, that someone needs to retaliate in a way that will be destructive to the perpetrators. We cannot let them run wild through out cyber-infrastructure.

Do you realize that our electric grid is run by computer? Do you realize that water plants everywhere are run by computer? Everything that you do, everything that comes into your daily life is regulated in some way, shape, or form by a computer. And if it’s being run by a computer, it’s most likely connected to the internet in some way. And if it is, it’s vulnerable to attack by outsiders.

People wonder why I have absolutely no interest in making my home a “smart home”. The reason is simple. It’s the same reason that I don’t buy into the electric company’s offer to buy me a new thermostat. I don’t want them having the ability to control it…and they would. I don’t want door locks, or burglar alarms, or video cameras on my property tied to the internet where someone with a 10th grade education can jump on a laptop or a cell phone and disarm everything. Talking about giving a thief the keys to the castle!

And the same is true for our country. Joe Biden wants to spend trillions of dollars “updating” our infrastructure. What he should be doing is spending trillions of dollars securing our computer networks so that they are impenetrable, if that’s even possible. It needs to be done. We are at war. If we don’t do something of a defensive posture soon, these hacks of companies and government run computers will continue until we will be controlled by a keystroke from somewhere outside out borders.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

7 thoughts on “The New Warfare

  1. “controlled by a keystroke from somewhere outside out borders.”

    True and terrifying. The great failure of the current administration is that it’s not giving the nation any sense of urgency or catastrophe ahead. Decent people will certainly need their AR-15’s then to protect themselves from the marauding gangs of looters that will appear when the shutdowns begin. Yes, we are at war and US leadership has not learned much from 9/11 or so it seems. All that’s important are the basketball scores from yesterday’s games.

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    1. I know the NBA wasn’t around when Rome fell, but I bet if it was, they’d be tuned in to TNN to watch the finals, instead of worrying about their problems. What scares me is that the problems that Rome had are very similar to the problems we are having today!

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