Harris Is Shining Example Of The Peter Principle

So K-baby Harris has returned from her trip to Central America, where she was going to set the Guatemalans and the Mexicans, and anyone else that she could cajole into listening to her cackle that she had the cure for the onslaught of illegal aliens invading our country. Her words were true and to the point.

Don’t come.

That ought to do it! Shoot, why didn’t Bobo Obama, and George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump all think about that? We wouldn’t have had to have all of those lawsuits over whether or not to build the wall! All we had to do was utter two words, and shake our heads when we said it. “Don’t come.”

In case you missed it, most people, including Democrats who were with Harris on her first major assignment as Vice President all concluded the same thing…she blew the trip. Harris was quick to point out that the major cause for all of these people moving out of Guatemala, going lengthwise through Mexico to come to the US Border was simply because of poor governance in their home countries, corruption, and yes, climate change. We can’t forget climate change as a reason (as if we in this country are immune from climate?) for them leaving home and throwing their kids over the walls.

What was interesting was that the Guatemalan President, Alejandro Eduardo Giammattei Falla seemed to know exactly who people were leaving his country to come to the United States. “Your President invited them!”, he told Harris. Obviously, the meeting didn’t go well, and pretty much everybody involved in the trip said that Harris seemed “unprepared” for the questions she got asked, and had an excuse for everything that went wrong.

Even NBC’s Lester Holt, who had an interview with the K-baby, asked her a simple question and got a very strange answer. He asked her why she hadn’t been to the southern border to see first hand what was going on down there. Her answer? “And I haven’t been to Europe. I don’t understand the point that you’re making.”

About the best thing that anyone in the White House could have said about Harris’ trip was, “She did what she went down there to do.” Meaning, she met with the Guatemalan President, so she could actually say that she actually did something. Of course, it took her almost 80 days to do that, and she still hasn’t addressed the media in a press conference over the border crisis yet.

I’m sure that Biden was happy that he foisted off this floating piece of dog doo to his Veep, so he didn’t have to leave the White House and miss a nap. But one thing came shining through clear as a bell. K-baby Harris’ chances of running for the White House in 2024 have gone from even money to a severe long shot. And if you don’t think there would be a huge primary battle all attacking her, just like there was in 2020, you’ve got another thing coming. This past election cycle, she never even made it to the year 2020, especially after Tulsi Gabbard laid into her during one of the primary debates. Her approval numbers, her likeability, all of the things you look for when running for President died that night…and her campaign soon followed.

No, Harris has a glass chin when it comes to debating. Worse yet, she has proven she can’t meet with other world leaders and come away with anything but a scolding from her counterparts. She is a shining example of The Peter Principle. She is in over her head and doesn’t know what to do. I would think you’re going to see a lot of her wearing a mask (still), standing behind Joe Biden, and doing little else for the next three and a half years. She’s certainly no politician, and she is certainly no leader.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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  1. Their Trump hate was so rabid they elected Joe and Kamoooola both of whom have nothing to offer in the form of leadership and problem solving. Trump defined the problem at the border so well: their countries are shitholes. That’s why they’re trying to get here – to leave the shitholes.

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