Biden/Putin Meeting: Not So Great

It was going to be a very long putt for Joe Biden to go head to head with someone like Vladimir Putin, who is a solid ten years younger than Biden, and acts about 40 years younger. But the two met one on one, even though Putin had chided Biden less than three months ago, saying he wanted a “world-wide televised debate” with Biden, so the world could understand who was the true world leader. I don’t think Putin needed it televised. When Biden addressed the press afterwards, even with all of the advantages “they” threw at him, Biden still came across as a doddering old man.

For starters, Biden said, “I’ll take your questions, and as usual, folks, they gave me a list of the people I’m going to call on.” He didn’t elaborate as to who “they” were. We can only hope it wasn’t the Russians, and that it was his own communications staff. It’s not the first time Biden has called on “approved” reporters when addressing the media. In fact, at his first major press conference, he had a numbered, circled, pictured book filled with reporters names and news outlets that he referred to.

Even that wasn’t enough to stop someone from a “friendly news source” from asking an unapproved question. As the presser was winding down, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins asked why he was confident that Putin was going to change his much maligned behavior after one meeting with Biden. His response was:

“When did I say I was confident? Let’s get this straight. I said what will change their behavior is if the rest of the world reacts to them and diminishes their standing in the world. I’m not confident of anything. I’m just stating a fact.”

Collins shot back, “But given his past behavior has not changed, and in that press conference after sitting down with you for several hours, [Putin] denied any involvement in cyber attacks, he downplayed human rights abuses, he even refused to say [Russian dissident] Alexei Navalny’s name. So, how does that account to a constructive meeting?”

And Biden answered, “If you don’t understand that, you’re in the wrong business.”

We’ve seen this before where after consistently being asked to toss softball questions, the reporters finally start asking their own questions to get some real answers. They actually have stories to write and most of them still want to do a credible job. There was nothing untoward or wrong with Collins’ question. It was a good one. In fact, Biden should have taken some time to explain why it was he felt that way, not just give some flip answer that he’d later have to apologize for (he did).

Pretty much everyone in America knew this was the Joe Biden press conference they were going to see for the next four years. We saw it on the campaign. Biden was closely guarded, only certain people were allowed to ask questions, and they were even given the questions they were to ask, so that the communications team could prepare the answers. When Biden couldn’t handle learning the answers, they were put into a teleprompter so all he’d have to do is read. He couldn’t even get that right.

Biden’s G-7 trip to Europe, and subsequent sit down with Putin was a joke. If people thought that Donald Trump wasn’t the leader of the free world because of his incessant tweeting and constant belittling of everyone and anyone he disagreed with, they are almost wishing to have him back compared to an obviously limited capacity President that has a hard time ad libbing an answer to a question. But that’s what you get when you elect someone that only has half a brain, and doesn’t use all of it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

7 thoughts on “Biden/Putin Meeting: Not So Great

  1. Putin rattled off his answers like a computer in fast overdrive which is very impressive. Also frightening to have such an enemy so quick, unfearful and determined. Doesn’t matter how good or bad Biden was Putin showed his immense capacity to engage on the world stage. But you know what frightens me most about Putin. Watch old clips of people like his generals or other top officials of Russia when they meet him and offer a handshake. He returns the handshake offer but it’s like he doesn’t even see them or sees right through them because all other humans are insignificant in the vastness of his ego and presence. The whole world revolves around him or at least that is his attitude and he believes in his own brutal power and mind in manipulating all that he’s around or actually as he sees it they are like mere worthless molecules in his grandeur. That’s a monster for sure. Never seen a clip of him in laughter or even smiling. If he is able to smile you can see it is very forced and difficult for him to express. Of course, he must be grinning in his mind as he’s increased his ability to intimidate Europe while playing the victim of the West’s alleged warmongering.

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