Have The Tables Turned?

Do you happen to remember back when Donald Trump was president and Democrats in the House and Senate were adamant that he undergo some sort of mental test to prove that he was sane enough to lead our nation? Remember how there was all of this discussion as to invoking the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, which basically was written to take the power away from a president that can no longer function properly. It harkens back to 1965, when Congress passed it (it was ratified by the states two years later). So, what’s going on since?

One would have to agree that while Donald Trump was certainly more verbose and unpresidential when it came to his communications style, there really wasn’t anything in anything he did that suggested that he was not capable mentally to do the job throughout his four years. In fact, I’d argue the case that a lot of his issues and solutions were rather brilliant. But now, his former White House physician, Ronny Jackson (R-Tx), now a member of the House, who Trump ended up praising highly throughout his tenure at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, is calling for Joe Biden to undergo the same tests that Democrats demanded Trump take. In fact, Jackson administered a cognitive test to Trump as part of his annual physical. It showed Trump to be “very, very smart”.

So, why would Democrats not want Joe Biden to take such a test? What are they afraid of? Could it be that they realize that he’s not in full control of his mental faculties and that if he were to take such a test, he’d probably not come out of it smelling like a rose?

There are currently 14 House members, including Jackson, that have sent letters to Biden, the CDC, and to Anthony Fauci, asking that Biden take a mental acuity test for the good of the nation. Personally, I’m thinking that ALL presidents should take such a test every year as part of their annual physical, and the results of the test, along with the complete results of their medical exam should be made available online. Why would you not want a sitting president to demonstrate that he/she was capable of serious, long-thought out decisions, and that they had the mental ability to deal with the job they were elected to do?

Democrats want to make it so easy for Americans to vote. They don’t want you to have to show any drivers’ licenses, or any identification of any kind, though you’d have to show the same if you wanted to visit your Congressman or Senator. You’d have to show ID if you wanted to tour the White House or the FBI building. You’d have to show ID if you flew to Washington DC for all of that. And if you drove and wanted to stop for the night at a hotel, you’d have to show them your drivers’ license. So, what’s the big deal when it comes to showing a drivers’ license or other form of ID issued by the state or federal government for free when it comes to voting? Democrats want that so everyone is allowed to vote. They say they’re open and transparent. However, when it comes to the mental health of the Commander In Chief of our nation’s forces, someone who has his finger on the nuclear bombs of this country, we aren’t going to test to see that the person is mentally fit? Does that make sense?

It would seem to me that Ronny Jackson’s proposal is a good one. Now, it won’t go anywhere at least until after 2022’s midterm elections. But should the GOP take over both the House and Senate, I would hope that Jackson and his colleagues would revisit this proposal once again. After all, you can’t be a good president unless you’re a sane president!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

6 thoughts on “Have The Tables Turned?

  1. I hear what your saying and agree, we should know the health condition of our president but what ever happened to HIPAA laws?

    It’s always been my belief that the HIPAA law was written so that insurance companies couldn’t deny you coverage of a pre-existing condition if you were to change companies, not intended to be so secret that my doctor couldn’t even tell my wife what’s wrong unless I sign a disclosure????

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    1. I didn’t think HIPAA ever covered pre-existing condition acceptance. I always thought it was to stop the unintended spread of information about your health. Hmmm…more research needed!


  2. Frightening. I wonder who is actually pulling the strings for the entire executive branch. It certainly is not Biden. Their Trump hate is so rabid it concretizes their ability to be in complete denial of brain dead Biden.

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