The Cuomo Saga Continues

You haven’t heard much about Andrew Cuomo recently, have you? That’s not because there hasn’t been stuff happening in the Empire State surrounding his possible impeachment or his many scandals. There continues to be at least two separate investigations going on. But you’re not hearing about it at all.


Well, media is funny in what they cover. They flit from one story to another like a moth to a flame. As they get bored with one, they move on to something else. That’s why blogs are so popular. You not only get the opinion that probably aligns with yours, you get facts behind these types of stories that have been put on the back burner or buried by the media altogether. But here’s what is going on.

Andrew Cuomo signed a bill the other day that basically is going to charge the taxpayers of New York, already one of the heaviest tax-burden states in our country, with even more. That’s because the State Assembly has passed a bill that would pay for the funding of not only the impeachment, but the trial that would follow should that become necessary. And Cuomo signed the bill into law.

Most politicians that are facing not one but several scandals involving sexual abuse and one big one involving COVID deaths in nursing homes due a directive handed down by Cuomo himself would be resigning at this point. But with Cuomo’s massive ego, there is no quitting. There is just doubling down. And the likelihood of this coming to a conclusion before next year’s Governor’s race (in which Cuomo has said he intends to run) will be unlikely. That means he will be running for reelection as Governor with several scandals hanging over his head.

Is it smart?

Most politicians would say no. It most certainly is going to make him win a primary to become the Democrat candidate for the office. There are already several Dems’ lining up hoping to have a shot at the Governor’s mansion in Albany. And of course, the Republicans are hoping to cash in on the scandals saying that you just can’t trust Democrats to do anything right.

But will it matter?

New York is such a blue state because of New York City, and Buffalo, that the rest of the state pretty much doesn’t matter when it comes to statewide elections. Hell, New York City alone has about eight and a half million people. The state of New York has about 19 million, which means that New York City accounts for about 45% of the vote. Now you add in Long Island (also very liberal), and Buffalo (ditto) and you can see that the odds of a Republican winning a Governor’s race in New York becomes slim and none…and slim just left town. In fact, with the exception of George Pataki, you have to go back to Malcolm Wilson, who served one year as Governor from 1973 to 1974 as the last Republican Governor of New York. If you want someone who like, served a full term you go back to Herbert Lehman. That was back in the 1930’s. So, no…it won’t matter.

Sometimes, as Ron White likes to say, you just can’t fix stupid.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “The Cuomo Saga Continues

  1. Seems you forgot about George Pataki who served 3 terms as a Republican from 1995-2007? And Rudy Giuliani, another Republican, was elected mayor to the Big Apple from 1994 to 2001, so I don’t think it’s out of the question that Republican can’t get elected in New York.

    Congressman Lee Zeldin has thrown his hat into the governor’s race and he might just pull it off!?!?!? I think a lot of New Yorker’s have had their fill of Democrat’s especially after Cuomo and Mayor Bill DeBlasio, why do you think they’re all leaving?

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    1. OOPS! You’re right. Totally forgot about Pataki! Giuliani wasn’t elected as Governor though, which is why I didn’t mention him. Probably because following Dinkins, he had a lot of undoing to do I guess?


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