Biden’s Approval Continues To Crash

And you can’t blame Republicans for the latest drop in the approval numbers. This one comes to us from Newsweek, a rather liberal publication. They have basically stopped drinking the Biden Kool-Aid, and have actually started reporting some very interesting (and for Biden, troubling) information.

The last numbers that were released were from April of this year. It showed Biden with 54% approval rating, down from first year April numbers from Trump, Obama, and George W. Bush. The May numbers are even worse. Biden slipped another 6% to 48% approval and 43% disapproval in the latest poll.

What is interesting is that there was a gain in his approval numbers. It came from Republicans believe it or not! The GOP folks asked in the 810 respondent survey showed an increase from 11% approval to 19% approval. He dropped from 95% to 86% among Democrats, and went from 47% approval to 36% among Independents.

A whopping 80% of the country said that that we are going down the wrong road when it comes to the health of this country. That number was 90% in April, but the increase, once again, came from Republicans. Democrats saying we are on the right path dropped from 93% to 58% in one month! Independents rating us as doing the right thing with 32% compared to 38% in April.

So what does this mean? Basically, Democrats aren’t happy with Biden at all. They are not supporting his spending plans, and aren’t happy with his policies either at home or abroad. The mere fact that Republicans are giving him higher numbers than what Democrats are is very interesting to say the least. Maybe that’s why people like AOC and the Whackjob contingent, Bernie Sanders, and Chief Wahoo Elizabeth Sanders are not happy with Biden’s plans. And I think overall, most Republicans see the fear they felt when Biden was elected and was going to cater to the left wing of the party. They see that’s probably not going to happen, especially since more moderate Senators like Manchin and Sinema are starting to pull away from the uber-leftist-snowflake agendas being foisted by Chuck Schumer and company.

What the overall situation shows is that though Biden stresses he’s trying to bring the country together, more and more of his own people aren’t supporting him. And while a few more Republicans are, it isn’t enough to drop him into numbers that are close to him having a more negative than positive image among the voters. That’s a very rare instance to happen this early in a presidential term. Even Donald Trump was positive at this point. For Biden to show his weaknesses as much as he is should be sending red flags and blaring alarms through the White House.

The big question is, is there anything they can do to stop the bleeding?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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    1. Now, see, I’m all for a two-party system. If you don’t have someone constantly reminding you of what COULD be, you tend to lose sight of what really is. And the what COULD be in this instance, is far worse than what is. We need to have token radical snowflakes around to show us how warped that way of thinking really is!

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