Dems’ Soften Voter ID Stance?

Well, on the surface, it sure looks like it. Democrats have started to come out and argue that, “Hey, we’re ok with people having to show an ID in order to vote.” Which is a remarkable change over what they were calling the conservatives’ cry for voter ID laws just a couple months ago. Then it was “Jim Crow 2”. Now they’re ok with it? What gives?

What gives is the chance to pass S1.

In case you haven’t heard, S1 is a sweeping voter “rights” law Democrats have been pushing. It pushes mail in voting over in person voting. It pushes sweeping changes to who can vote and when. It pushes basically everything they’ve ever wanted to be able to steal or sway an election their way. Obviously, Republicans are dead set against it. So is Joe Manchin (D-WVa) who has come out with a much more moderate plan to overhaul voting in national elections in this country. But he doesn’t have nearly enough votes to get it through the Senate, and he’s said time and time again that any voter law should be bi-partisan. If it’s not, he can’t support it, and this one isn’t bi-partisan at all. So, with 49 votes, Democrats are stalled.

In fact, the “For The People Act”, as Dems’ have referred to it, is pretty much dead. It died on a procedural vote on Tuesday, when the Republicans forced a filibuster. Democrats could only muster 50 votes to shut that down, far short of the 60 votes needed. So, the procedural vote died, and it looks like the filibuster did it’s job. They were unable to shut down debate and move to voting on the procedural vote, so the bill basically dies…this time around!

It’s gotten so bad that Stacy Abrams, the lady that ran for Governor in the state of Georgia back in 2018 and lost a close battle to Brian Kemp, has now come out and said that she’d be ok with a voter ID law. She said that no one has ever objected to a law making you show an ID in order to vote! Huh? That’s exactly what she and hundreds of other Dems’ did a few months back! They object because even though you can’t go and see Stacy Abrams, or any other elected official either in the state of Georgia, or in the nation’s capital, without an ID being shown, they were afraid that either the ID was going to cost money so the poor, underprivileged Democrats couldn’t afford to vote, or they’d have not transportation to get the ID card, or worse yet, they’d have their ID stolen and be subject to losing their multi-million dollar bank accounts!

But the Washington Post did an interesting piece on the “evolution” of Democrats to change their views on voter ID laws. They cited Abrams and her change of heart, and got lambasted for it.

Here’s the thing to realize about this whole S1 and H1 law. It won’t work. First of all, it’s unconstitutional. Second, they don’t have the votes in the Senate to pass it, and there isn’t any way that they can get it passed through a budget reconciliation because it doesn’t pass muster of being a budget or a tax. That means the Senate needs 60 votes to pass it. The only other way around it is to pass a rule that gets rid of the filibuster (requiring 60 votes to shut off debate). And presently, both Manchin and Arizona Senator, Kyrsten Sinema (D-Az) are against that, leaving them woefully short of pulling the filibuster. So in essence, they are wasting the country’s time trying to get this through.

And that’s with all of the important stuff still sitting on the table. Stuff like border security, immigration reform, infrastructure, and passing next year’s budget. We are coming into July. Congress will be taking at least a week off for 4th of July, and they are gone in August. They’ll be back for a few weeks in September and October, before knocking off for the holidays. That means there are only a few short weeks for them to tackle some of the most important stuff this year. And THAT means it won’t get done. We all know that nothing of any magnitude happens during an election year, especially with a Senate deadlocked at 50-50. So, what doesn’t happen this year, doesn’t happen.

And yet, Dems’ are again, wasting time spinning their wheels dealing with issues the country would rather not discuss at this point in time. It’s time to send a message to DC and tell these clowns to get to work. I’d say get BACK to work, but in order to do that, they’d actually have to have done some work first!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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