It’s Just The First Punch

Earlier this past week, the Republicans used the dreaded filibuster to end the Democrats’ hopes of insuring a Democrat Congress and Presidency long into the future. They tried it with something called “For The People Act”, better known as H1 and S1.

It wasn’t the first time it’s been tried.

Fresh off an election that had a lot of people screaming that the entire national election was thrown because of fraudulent voting and ballot stuffing in five states, Democrats seemed to want no part of that in the future. Well, no part of being accused. So, they put together H1, which basically increased rather than decreased the ability and possibility of fraudulent voting across the country. It would do that by increasing mail-in voting, where there is no way of absolutely knowing who voted, how many times they voted or if the ballots were actually real or reproduced.

And the Republicans decided, since they had a minority in the Senate, the only way to stop this robbing of the freedom to elect whomever we want, was to use the filibuster, they did. And did it ever piss off the Democrats. Now they are calling it the “Killibuster” because it ruined their day. Actually what it did was save the day, just as the Founding Fathers had planned.

The Senate was never supposed to be this knee-jerk, quick response body. That was what the House of Representatives was for. There, people could float weird new ideas and see if they stuck. If they did, the Senate would deliberate. They would poke holes in it. They were the adults in the room, whereas the House was the teenager with the messy bedroom who only wanted to go out on Friday and Saturday nights.

And since the filibuster was put into place, it’s been used by the minority to slow down and in a lot of cases halt the process of making a bill law. I can tell you that if you were to research the history of the number of laws, a lot of them really bad ideas, that the filibuster has prevented from getting to the President’s desk, you’d be amazed. “For The People Act” was just one example of that.

No, the Democrats want to figure out how to end the filibuster because it stands in their way of taking total control. It’s a typical Democrat response really. If you can’t win through legitimate means, then change the rules so you can. If you can’t win by changing the rules, it’s ok to cheat to win because the important thing is THAT you win. The ends justifies the means with these folks.

But don’t think for a minute that the Democrats’ chances to end the filibuster are over. They’re just getting warmed up. And don’t think that H1 and S1 are going away. Oh, it’s going away for this session, but like the attempts to get rid of the filibuster, it may fail this time around but it will be back in some other fashion up the road. It always is.

We can thank Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, two Democrat Senators that have publicly said they are not going to back the party by trying to take away the filibuster. That means that there are only 48 Senators that would back it currently. And if all of the Republicans would stick together, along with Manchin and Sinema, it loses 48-52. That’s far less than the 60 votes required to get rid of it. And Dems’ haven’t figured out how to include getting rid of the filibuster in their “budget reconciliation” process. If they ever do, our country receives the final nail in the coffin.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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