Reuters: Not A Fun Summer For Biden!

Joe Biden may not be saying anything publicly yet…but he’s not off to a good start this summer. Reuters released a monthly poll showing that Democrats, not Republicans or Independents are leaving the Biden train at a rapid rate. And the reason is simple. Biden has left behind those that got him elected.

In a time when businesses can’t find enough people to fill the jobs that are out there, Biden is facing some major employment problems. The May number of unemployment was 9.1% for blacks. It was 5.1% for whites. If you have a college degree, you’re probably employed (if you want to be). Unemployment for college degreed folks was 3.2%, while if you have just a high school education it’s 6.8%. And that’s at a time when businesses can’t find enough workers to keep their doors open!

The economy has replaced COVID as the number one problem in America right now. And with the country supposed to grow at a 7% rate this year (normally 3.5% is considered good!), it’s a wonder why most of America is choosing the economy as the biggest problem. Most Democrat strategists say it’s because Biden has not taken along the very people he relied on to get him elected. That could spell all sorts of trouble in not only 2022 for the midterms, but if and when Biden chooses to seek a second term in 2024.

Overall, Biden, according to Reuters has a 55% approval rating, but his numbers keep dropping among Democrats. Especially among Democrats under 40 without a college education. College educated Dems’ are also under the gun when it comes to giving Biden their support. The thing that should concern Biden the most is the fact that only three in four Democrats support him at this point, and that’s down from 94% back on inauguration day. You can’t lose 20% of the support of folks on your side of the aisle and expect to do well.

The economy isn’t the only thing that bothers Democrats. They are also concerned that Biden isn’t moving quickly enough on the infrastructure bill, and that he has yet to really tackle immigration reform, reuniting America, and federalizing a voting rights bill. They also are abandoning Biden on gun violence. His approval rating there has dropped 8 points overall since April and 11 points from Democrats. Add to all of that that only 35% of Americans think the country is headed in the right direction, and 44% are “very concerned” about the future of the economy, and Biden is going to be in for quite a ride.

I guess it may be time for him to head back to Maryland for the summer. Maybe he can live in his basement and get away from all of the negativity!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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