Why Biden’s Jobs Plan Sucks

Joe Biden is excited about taking credit for the number of jobs he’s created. Well, actually, HE hasn’t created any job yet. See, politicians all want to take credit when more people get hired, and in June, there were a total of 850,000 jobs added during the month. That’s a pretty solid increase! You’d forgive Sleepy Joe if he wanted to do a victory lap on that one, right?


What they forget to tell you is that while 850,000 people found work in the month of June, there were 3.6 MILLION people that quit their job last month. Actually, there are about 9.2 million job openings around the country right now. That is like…HUGE! Most of the job gains from June were from major manufacturers like automotive that began hiring people back in droves. But right now, this is a job seekers’ dream. If you can’t find a job in a market with 9.2 million openings, you’re either habitually unemployable, or you are very lazy.

So, who do we blame for this over-abundance of jobs in the country? Who is at fault for allowing all of these jobs to go unfulfilled? Well, you can blame Donald Trump for initially wanting to pay people for sitting at home instead of pounding the pavement. Of course, that happened during COVID, and that’s pretty much been abated in this country. At least we seem to be on the downhill side of it at the moment. Sleepy Joe hasn’t been much help, wanting to continue an increase in federal unemployment benefits to people out of work. It got to a point where a lot of these people were getting paid more to sit on their couch and watch Oprah Winfrey, than they were to go out and get a job. That’s not motivation.

What the government needs to do is disincentivize people from staying now…especially with just shy of 10 million jobs needed right now. Of course, Biden would love to go out and offer those jobs to illegal aliens that are streaming across the border. It just gives him another reason to allow the border crisis to continue unabated. The Feds need to shut down their contribution to unemployment for a while. Let the states deal with it. When the unemployed recipients receive a check that is grossly under what they thought it was going to be, and that they would most certainly make more going out and getting a job, you’ll see that 9.2 million number shrink rapidly. That is called incentive. That will solve the problem.

And that is the actual problem the left has with this Universal Income program some cities and states have been pushing. You know…paying people anywhere from $500 to $2,000 a month just because they are changing oxygen into carbon dioxide? When that idiocy goes away, and people actually have to work to get money, you’re going to see people actually work again. Not until.

It’s just another reason why liberalism doesn’t work. Never has. Never will.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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