Cuban Crisis – Si! AOC “Contribution”? No!

I want to thank everyone for supporting this blog over the past couple of weeks. Normally I try to make sure that I’m somewhat up to date with current events…though I do tend to let things settle in a bit before commenting on them. Too often in our society, we are really quick to comment on things without knowing the facts. It usually is better to let the emotions cool down and look at things logically. Just to fill you in, I’ve been out of town seeing family for the past couple of weeks and most of the blogs you read were written before I left (though I did try to keep updated on your comments and any real breaking news).

That said, I’m back, and wanted to comment on AOC and her idiotic comments regarding Cuba and blaming the United States for the terrible conditions on that island nation to our south. Blaming a 60 year old embargo that was put in place by Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1958, expanded in October of 1960, and then renewed by John F. Kennedy in 1962. Pretty much every president until Bobo Obama had followed that embargo. But AOC thinks that the government of Cuba, who is clamping down on dissidents and protesters in that country isn’t at fault for the poor conditions of those people. She blames the US. Claiming that “everyday” people are being hurt by the embargo, she says it’s our fault. Of course she would. Would you expect a dyed in the wool socialist to back a democracy or a communist country?

America needs to wake up and realize that AOC is nothing more than a mouthpiece for George Soros. She spews his pre-approved comments almost daily. Saying that the US is guilty for the way Cuba has been run, is about as stupid as saying that Cuba needs to be commended for granting black revolutionaries asylum. Oh, wait! She did that, didn’t she?

And there is the the point. Here you have an uber-leftist snowflake liberal, someone that makes Bernie Sanders look like John Birch, and the media fawns on her every word and listens to her. What would happen if she were treated like about 350 of the other Congressmen and women in the House. I bet if you took leadership and your own representative out of the mix, you probably couldn’t name fifty other House members. Yet we all know who AOC is because she has a big mouth and she’s not afraid to use it.

Look, Cuba is a repressive dictatorship that sits on it’s people. It doesn’t allow it’s own people to own anything. Farmers can’t sell their food. You can’t go in an open a grocery store or a restaurant. You work basically for the government. It sounds like where the US is going to be in about 10 years unless we put a stop to the idiot left and their dreams of a socialistic utopia. Cuba is a poor excuse for a country, but a great example of why liberalism doesn’t work. If you get out of line, they take you away. If they can’t re-educate you, they either keep you in jail or you just plain disappear. Let me put it this way. If Cuba were such a great country, why do people who live there want to leave it so badly? Why is it that the rest of the world isn’t clamoring to move there? I mean, they are in the Caribbean for cryin’ out loud! The weather is great (except with hurricanes). Who wouldn’t love that?

But when you have about a quarter of your population living below the poverty line (it’s currently 10.5% here), you know you’re not doing well.

AOC would be best served, as we all would be, if she’d keep her mouth shut. And the media would be best served if they helped by just ghosting her.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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