Six Months Later…

Joe Biden has been in office about 12.5% of his term. In that time, what has he done? What hasn’t he done that he promised to do? Will he be able to actually do it? And can he ever assign his Vice President a task that she can actually accomplish? Those, are the questions!

Well, besides spending money like a drunken sailor in port after 6 months at sea, Biden hasn’t really done a whole lot. Yes, he just started sending out COVID stimulus checks #4. Oh…you didn’t get one? You didn’t know about it? You don’t have kids under the age of 18? Tough luck Charlie! You just contributed to growing families in our country.

Joe also went ahead and sent out $300/week to the unemployed. He cancelled $55 million dollars in student loan debt, though he promised $10,000 per student. It was nowhere close, and he did get to pass his American Rescue Plan, which was written by a drunken sailor looking to spend money.

Other than that, he’s broken a ton of promises too. He promised to have the most transparent administration in history…one that would treat people right. If people under him jumped on others, they would be fired. Of course, that was until TJ Ducklo made sexist remarks to a Politico reporter who was asking him about his affair with another political reporter from Axios. Then there was the $2,000 check fiasco. Biden promised $2,000 during the Georgia Senate runoff election, and instead used the $600 stimulus Donald Trump gave in December and January, “as a downpayment” toward the $2,000.

Biden said during the campaign he wouldn’t use Executive Orders. Yet he issued more of them in the first six months than any president in history. He has signed 52 of them to date. That’s about one every 3 1/2 days. He also promised to “work across the aisle” because of his 47 years in DC. Yeah, that hasn’t happened. And his Vice President has bungled every assignment she’s tried to attempt.

Biden went to the G-7 meeting in Great Britain. He tried to “correct” the “mistakes” of the Trump administration. He basically agreed to a world-wide tax on companies that made a half decent profit. That means you and I will spend more at the store. Then he met with Vladimir Putin, and by all accounts the meeting proved to get absolutely nothing done.

As far as Harris’ abilities are concerned, does the word “dismal” even begin to describe it? Biden appointed Harris as the person to fix the southern border crisis. It took her three months to fit a trip to the border into her busy schedule. That was after a disastrous trip to Guatemala and Mexico, where she lip-synced a plea to the Central Americans, “not to come”. Her trip to El Paso, Texas was a bust as well. That was partly because of Donald Trump’s wall. It’s been so successful that illegal crossings at Ciudad Juarez have slowed to practically zero. Where she should have gone was McAllen, Texas, where all the fun is really happening.

If that weren’t enough, Biden decided that Harris should tackle the voting rights issue, so he put her in charge of making sure that the states don’t pass Florida and Texas-like voting rights laws. Seventeen states have passed such laws this year alone, pretty much making her attempt a complete abortion. She’s lost the support of Democrats and Independents and is routinely being compared to Dan Quayle as the worst VP in the last 75 years.

Yup…it’s been a great six month ride. And with Biden facing almost a certain loss in Congress in next year’s midterms (at least at this point), his presidency could rival his former boss’ as one of the worst in history!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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