Life Expectancy Drops…Biden The Cause?

It hasn’t happened since the last worldwide pandemic. Life expectancy in the United States dropped by a year and a half last year. Now, I know what you’re thinking…it’s Trump’s fault because he was in office. Well, I’m not buying that one. And while Joe Biden hid in his basement during the campaign, afraid to come out and face We The People, except to very small numbers, he and his fellow Democrats shoulder a lot of the burden that occurred last year.

The life expectancy rate dropped from 78.8 years overall to 77.3. The former number was the highest average life expectancy this country has ever experienced. And yes, about 77% of the decline was due to COVID, which wasn’t anyone in THIS country’s fault (I’m looking at YOU, China!). But overall, there was a decline in the quality of life as well as Democrat administrations around the country closed businesses for extended periods of time, far longer than the Trump administration’s closing.

But is it fair to blame Joe Biden? My answer would be yes. Biden campaigned hard on Trump’s “failure” to bring COVID under control. He conveniently forgot that he was out campaigning while Trump was shutting down various segments of the society, and not allowing flights from China to the United States. In fact, Biden campaigned up through March 12th of last year. Trump shut down flights from mainland China on January 31st. If you’re keeping track, that’s 40 days sooner than when Biden went to hide in his basement. So, why blame Biden?

Biden bragged to the world that he had a 200 page plan that would bring COVID under control. He promised to vaccinate a million Americans a day if elected until we were all covered (which would take about a year according to his promise). What he didn’t tell you was that on January 20th of this year, Donald Trump had already hit and surpassed Biden’s promised figure.

And what’s Biden done since then? Not much really. While he swore up and down that Trump left the whole distribution of the vaccines in a shambles, he really never proved it. And the 200 page Bible on getting rid of COVID? Amazingly, Biden stopped talking about it when he entered the White House. Seems that most of the plan was copied from what the Trump administration was doing. Wait? Plagiarism? Biden? Really?

Biden failed to reach “herd immunity” on July 4th, like he said we would. He basically said that it was close to us celebrating a “normal 4th of July” with fireworks and cookouts. Whoops. That didn’t happen. Now, people that didn’t get vaccinated are getting free stuff, cash payments, trips, etc. just for doing what most Americans did for free a few months ago.

Still, while COVID has been the main cause of the life expectancy drop, Biden hasn’t done anything to really solve the problem. He’s kept Anthony Fauci on board as the face of the COVID pandemic in this country. Fauci has waffled more than an Eggo factory in the 16 months he’s held the position. And he’s gotten into tussles along the way. Not just changing his mind, but ignoring his own advice to the nation, and most recently getting into a shouting match with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). Biden has continued to show faith in Fauci, even though most Americans have lost confidence in him.

I haven’t even mentioned in this so-called “year of the blacks” that black life expectancy dropped from 74 to 71. And Hispanic life expectancy dropping from 81.8 years to 78.8.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “Life Expectancy Drops…Biden The Cause?

  1. Yes, I haven’t seen the latest numbers of how many deaths Biden/Harris are responsible for. They said Trump was to blame for every paper cut that occurred during his term. It’s only fair that Grandpa Joe gets blamed for every death so far in his term, as well as any because of Delta going forward. It’s a sick game if you decide to play it. Dems decided to play it.

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