Vaccination? You Apparently Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Vaccination!

At least that’s the rumor floating around the CDC these days. Actually, you do, or should. The Biden administration’s attempt to get the handle on COVID has been pretty much like their attempt to solve the crisis at the southern border, to tackle the issues with Big Tech, to bring the country together, to work across the aisle, and basically, do anything that they promised they would do.

Now, they are thinking about issuing another mask mandate.

Yup. That’s what I thought too. Apparently, Biden is trying to convince the CDC that we’d all be better off if we still wore masks, even if you’ve been fully vaccinated! According to the CDC, only 56% of Americans have received at least one vaccination shot. Just over half…and that’s NOT fully vaccinated. That’s only partially vaccinated.

So, I have to ask the question, what in the hell is the hold up?

Sleepy Joe has been trying to get everyone to “herd immunity” by the 4th of July, and that obviously failed. That’s 70-80% with two shots in the arm (one if you’re taking Johnson & Johnson). We were way below that back on July 4th. And we’re not hitting anywhere near a million vaccines a day, something that Biden said was his early goal when he was campaigning.

So, what’s happening with the vaccinations? And what’s the result? Well, there is this “Delta Variant” out there that apparently is wreaking havoc with the numbers, and they don’t make the administration look good. Even people that have been vaccinated have been coming down with this variant, but you have to remember that the vaccines were only 90-95% effective. So, let’s run the numbers.

There are roughly 340 million people in the United States. 49% of the country have been fully vaccinated. That means that 166.6 million people have received all the necessary shots. If the vaccine is 90-95% effective, you are going to have between 8.3 and 16.7 million people that the vaccine wouldn’t be effective on. While that’s a lot of people, it’s a lot smaller than the 340 million of us out there.

What is concerning Biden is that back in early July we had about 13,700 national daily cases of COVID being reported. Today that number is 37,000. Yes, that’s about three times higher than it was, but still is it a reason to panic? Here’s my point.

You have a whopping 174 million people out there that haven’t been fully vaccinated. Instead of initiating talks with the CDC about clamping down on our freedoms again, why not get the others that haven’t been vaccinated, and get them shots? Any addle minded second grader could come up with that one!

But the reason behind it isn’t just the health of Americans. A lot of people have thought, and more are beginning to think that the real problem is Democrats who want to clamp down on freedoms and limit travel, and getting people together as much as possible. I know it runs counter to everything America stands for, but in this day and age of Antifa and BLM, and socialists trying to take over Congress, it’s certainly something that does enter the conversation, and not just as a conspiracy theory.

There is no reason for you who have been fully vaccinated to actually have to wear a mask anywhere. I was taking my grandson to the Grand Canyon earlier this week. You cannot ride a shuttle bus anywhere there if you aren’t masked. Oh, you don’t need one anywhere else in the park, but if you want to get on a shuttle bus, you can’t if you’re not masked. Apparently they missed Biden’s speech that said we were free to move about the country maskless if we were fully vaccinated. So much for the National Park Service listening to their very own president!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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