Biden Against Filibuster Removal… Again.

You have to admit one thing when it comes to Joe Biden. You have no idea where he’s going with his belief system. One day he’s against abortion because he’s Catholic. The next day he’s for abortion because while HIS religion says you can’t do it, he doesn’t feel it’s his place to tell a woman not to do it. Just think what Jesus would have thought about that logic!

Well, the same thing holds true when it comes to the Senate Democrats’ threat to end the filibuster. Back in the day, when Biden was actually in the Senate, he said it was a stupid idea. He was totally against it. He even felt that way on the campaign trail (his basement) last year. Then he gets elected, and he changes his mind. He realizes that with a 50-50 split in the Senate, there’s no way in the world he can get anything passed that doesn’t have to do with an appointment, or “budget reconciliation”. So, he comes out in favor of it.

Now apparently, he’s found a middle ground. Oh, he’s said this before, but he’s landed on what he feels is a safe space. Biden’s take now is that the 60 vote rule known as filibuster should stay in place, but only like it was when his good pal, Strom Thurmond used it to filibuster the passing of the Civil Rights Legislation back in the 1960’s. Thurmond spoke for 24 straight hours without yielding the floor. THAT is the filibuster Biden is in favor of keeping. He’s not in favor of needing some sort of “supermajority” to pass legislation.

But that’s where he’s dead wrong.

If you go back to the founding of our country and what the Fathers back then wanted, they wanted the House of Representatives to be the “House of the People”, where the weird and imaginative ideas could be brought out. The Senate on the other hand was the more deliberative body. They were the ones that wanted to take the time, slow things down, hash things out, debate, and without time limits or restrictions. Hence, if you wanted to talk for 24 hours straight, you could.

Biden did get one thing right. He said that if they get rid of the filibuster, his whole legislative agenda is out the window because Congress would slump into chaos. And I thought they were already there! He’s afraid of what I would call the “Harry Reid Effect”. Remember when Reid decided to help Bobo Obama in his first term by allowing 51 votes to pass nominations (except Supreme Court Justices). That allowed Obama to pack the federal courts with liberal judges. And it worked. Until the Democrats weren’t in charge of the Senate anymore. Then the Republicans, playing tit for tat, expanded the nomination rule to include Supreme Court Justices. Now a mere 51 votes could seat someone on the high court bench. Apparently Reid wasn’t as brilliant as he was made out to be. Democrats passed the “budget reconciliation” way back in 1974 when Mike Mansfield (D, MT) got the bill passed.

Biden is afraid that with the looming changeover in 2022, Republicans may very well decide his term is over and not pass anything that he proposes if he backs the ouster of the filibuster. And he’s probably right on that account!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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