You Know It’s Getting Bad When…

First of all, you know it’s getting pretty bad when you go on a friendly TV Cable News Network (that would be CNN) for a townhall meeting, and end up telling jokes that even the moderators and the anchors cringe at. That’s not a good start. But it gets worse.

It really, REALLY gets bad when you come out and promote a certain way to reopen schools this fall, and you happen to use a radical leftist guide as your basis for everything. When you get called on it, it gets worse. You have to actually come out and admit to the world that you made a mistake…you never should have used that particular guide because it’s racist and full of hate.

That’s what happened to Joe Biden this past week.

Normally, when Biden does stuff like go on a CNN townhall and then screws up by going off-script, his communications team goes to work and walks back all the idiocy that he spews. That’s a full time job in and of itself. And they had to do that several times after last week’s townhall meeting when Biden decided to try out for Last Comic Standing, and failed miserably. He tried joke after joke and it all fell on deaf ears. No one in the crowd laughed…and the moderator and even the anchors back in the studio cringed. So much for that career, Joe, but please…consider quitting your day job, ok?

Then the Biden administration comes out with their “guide” to reopening schools for in-person learning this fall. They cited the Abolitionist Teaching Network in a Department of Education handbook that was supposed to help school officials reopen schools and spend their COVID money wisely. What the Dept. of Education didn’t say was that the Abolitionist Teaching Network is an uber-socialist group that spews hatred and advances critical race theory teachings as well as socialist doctrines. After being called on it, the administration had to come out and admit they had made a mistake in citing the group’s policies.

Now, the other part of this story is, you’d never have heard about it if all you read to get your news is the New York Times or the Washington Post. Both newspapers, which flaunt slogans that they are open and printing everything to further democracy, punted on the story. You won’t find it there at all. They missed it, giving more ample proof that they aren’t really journalists or news sources. They are really just a talking point creator for the left.

You have to wonder when all of this radicalism is going to stop. Biden has tried to push his party so far to the left because he believes he can’t do anything without the socialist wing of the party. I can’t believe that a guy that says he’s served in Washington for 47 years can actually think that lining up with these folks is a smart play. There has to be something else at work here. And you can’t really blame the folks in charge at the Department of Education, because they spend more time listening to the NEA and the AFT unions than they do espousing quality education for our youth. This is a department that views indoctrination as a synonym for learning, and that’s pretty disturbing regardless which side of the fence you’re on.

Biden needs to wake up. His first six months in office have been a disgrace. When compared to his predecessor, who I wasn’t always a fan of, he doesn’t even measure up to Obama, much less Trump. At least Trump had great policies. I haven’t seen anything presidential out of this guy yet. And something tells me I probably won’t for the next three and a half years!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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