The Negativity Starts To Take Hold

You know Joe Biden is in trouble when an organization as liberal as Gallup starts to shrink his approval rating. And that’s exactly what has happened.

When Biden came into office back in January, he had an approval rating of 57% compared to a disapproval rating of just 37%. But over the last six months, the approval numbers have steadily eroded and the disapproval numbers have steadily grown. Today, Biden’s approval number sits at 50% and his disapproval rating is at 45%. That’s a drop of 7 points in approval and an increase of 8 points in disapproval in a very short period of time.

When you look at it by party affiliation, it becomes even more troubling for Sleepy Joe. Biden had a 98% approval rating back on January 20th from Democrats. Now it’s 90%. Republicans actually have increased the approval rating from 11 to 12% during the same period. But the biggest drop, and probably the most worrisome to Biden is Independents. They were at 61% back in January. He has slumped upside down to just 48% now, a loss of 13%! And that was the group that actually got him elected!

What’s interesting is when you compare it to other presidents in their first second quarter in office. Biden ranks third from the bottom (Clinton had a 44% approval rating, and Trump’s was 38.8%). Biden’s official “quarterly rating” for the second quarter came in at 53.3%, which shows he continues to lose credibility among the American people.

One more thing to note. Historically in the third quarter of their first year, presidents tend to lose even more popularity. Obama lost 11%, Eisenhower, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, and Trump lost between 2 and 4 points. The bottom line here is, Joe Biden looks to be an unpopular president if his trend continues. This can’t bode well for him as we head into the midterm election year. Most Americans (all but the Democrats) dislike him and don’t like his policies either. Whereas most Americans didn’t like Trump, but thought his policies were somewhere between great and ok.

The clear message to the president is, you’re listening to the wrong people, you’re spending way too much money, you’re not doing a good job with COVID or at the southern border, and your policies are way too liberal for the nation as a whole. Overall, Biden has one good thing going for him. His rating is incredibly better than his Vice President. Kamala Harris’ approval rating is basically in the toilet with 44% approval, basically among Democrats and 48% disapproving (Independents and Republicans). It’s so bad with Harris that Democrats are already starting to talk out loud about finding someone else to run against her if she decides to try for the top spot in 2024. That is, assuming Biden isn’t going to seek a second term. But his problems will be exacerbated if he continues on the same downward trajectory since taking office. By this time in 2024, he could be in single digits!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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