Invoking The 25th?

There has been almost as big a call that the Vice President, along with a majority of the Cabinet declare that a President is unfit for office, mentally or physically, for Joe Biden, as with his predecessor, especially after the whole January 6th incident. But is it really doable? Is Joe Biden really about to be written into history as the first sitting president to be booted from office because of a lack of mental capacity?

Republicans have believed from the start that this was what was going to happen. Biden has shown signs of mental acuity slippage for years. It’s nothing new. But is there really a plan a foot that K-baby Harris is going to team up with the majority of Cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment?

First, let’s look what the Amendment says, and delve into the history of it a little.

The 25th Amendment became a part of our lives back in 1967. After JFK was assassinated, Congress realized there was no formal way to transfer power from a sitting, though incapacitated president to someone else. So, the 25th was born. It basically said that the Vice President, along with a majority of the Cabinet had to declare that the president was mentally or physically unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. That’s all that’s required for a president to lose the presidency.

It’s been used a total of three times, by two presidents…both Republicans. Ronald Reagan was the first to use it back in 1985 after he was shot. It was invoked at 11:30am before he underwent anesthesia, and was revoked at 7:22pm. Then George W. Bush invoked it twice, both times for medical procedures. The first time was in 2002 and the second time in 2007. The only other time I could find where a president could have really had power transferred was back in Woodrow Wilson’s day when he suffered two strokes. Back then, his wife, Edith, had the Cabinet, and the members of Congress send her all pertinent information regarding what was going on, and she “consulted” with the President on those matters, and replied to the appropriate party. Actually, she was basically the first female president in our history. Wilson was in no shape to be “consulted” with.

There were calls to use it after the Capitol was breeched on January 6th of this year to remove Donald Trump from office, but it was basically Democrats (and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)) screaming in order to get rid of Trump, fearing he wouldn’t leave the White House peacefully.

So, there’s the brief history on this amendment. Now, the question remains, is Joe Biden going to be the first sitting president to be booted from office because of a lapse of his mental faculties? I’m almost 100% sure that K-baby Harris wouldn’t hesitate to use the 25th in order to gain the Oval Office for herself. The question is, would a majority of the cabinet go along with her? Not sure of that one!

One thing is for sure. Based on what we’ve seen, we’ve got two people in the top two positions of power in our government that are making so many mistakes, one by senility and the other by sheer stupidity, that it calls into question whether the 25th should be broadened to include BOTH of them! It’s worth asking the question. The problem is getting an answer!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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