The August Surprise

Whatever honeymoon period Joe Biden had as president is over. He came into office with a 57% approval rating, but that’s now slumped to negative numbers according to the latest Rasmussen poll. Now his approval number stands at 46% and his disapproval number is 52%. 30% of Americans think that we are on the right path. 67% think we’re off in the weeds. That didn’t take long.

And it could be a long month for Biden.

Going back a couple of presidents, August has proven not to be a kind month to those sitting behind the Resolute Desk. When George W. Bush was president, it was in August that he received word that some guy named Osama Bin Laden was planning an attack on US soil. Bush was spending time at his ranch in Crawford, Texas when he got the news, and we all know what happened just a few weeks later. Four years later, a nut job named Cindy Sheehan set up camp outside Bush’s ranch to protest the Iraq war. And of course it was just a day or two at the end of the month that a hurricane hit New Orleans and shined a light on how bad FEMA could actually act in an emergency. Bush’s numbers died after that and he never really recovered.

It also bit Bobo Obama on the rump. It was in August of Obama’s first year in office that he blew the official deadline date to get healthcare reform known as Obamacare finished. It would later be finished in September. The world then focused on the infamous “Beer Summit”, as the big news. Remember that? Tea Party organizers ruined Obama’s second August in office, nailing all sorts of incumbents on their way to retaking the House of Representatives. In 2011, the whole stand off over the debt-ceiling hit, dropping Bobo’s approval numbers to 40%, the lowest in his presidency. In 2013, Obama had to eat his words in August. A year earlier he drew a “red line in the sand” and said that he’d have to attack Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad if he used chemical weapons against his own people. He did in August, 2013. And of course in 2014, a guy by the name of Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri sparking riots and a nationwide trend anytime a cop shot someone of color.

Donald Trump didn’t escape the wrath of August either. Remember Charlottesville? It happened on August 11, 2017. And there was the “El Paso Massacre” on August 3, 2019, where 23 people were killed and another 23 were injured at a Walmart store in the west-Texas city.

So far this year, Joe Biden hasn’t needed an August curse. He’s managed to do enough damage on his own. He hasn’t done squat with the border problem he created. He got his “American Rescue Plan” passed, but only because Democrats in the Senate used budget reconciliation to get it done. He just passed his first piece of legislation, the bi-partisan infrastructure bill with the help of 17 liberal Republicans. It took him over six months to accomplish that. And he’s failed with COVID, as we head back into mask mandates, social distancing 2.0, and mandatory vaccinations for federal workers. Speaking of COVID, Biden blew by the July 4th deadline of “herd immunity” wanting 70% of the country fully immunized. It’s more like 49% that are, and 56% have had at least a partial immunity.

All of that with his gaffes, mis-steps, lies about driving semi trucks as a youth (he rode in one once… but never drove it), and has a vice president who has actually done a worse job than he has.

Come to think of it, an August Curse for Biden may actually be a good thing. How could it get any worse?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “The August Surprise

  1. No matter how many gaffes and disasters will continue to evolve around 60% of democrats will always give a democrat president good ratings. They will never give Trump the slightest respect or credit for all the good things he did. You rarely hear them attack Trump policies but can only attack him personally to relish in their Trump hate. I disliked Clinton, Obama and now Biden but I never hated them or wished to see them fail. At present, the true Satans are Chuch and Nancy.

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  2. It’s illustrative here to compare Donald Trump and Bill Clinton:

    This entry from my blog illustrates the essential difference between the two. Trump was an authentic figure who spoke raunchy, TV-like talk while Clinton was a populist politician who excelled at smarmy smoothness. Biden figures into all this as a weaker sauce Clinton with the same radioactive-white teeth and progressive policies (although Clinton was more centrist) and a yen to “appeal to people.” Biden’s approval rating will only get lower as his administration goes on, opening the path for the Return of Orange Man.

    — Catxman

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    1. Your comparison is something I never thought of before, but you’re 100% correct. I thought it was a very real look into the future of our political realm in this country. Thanks for sharing!!!


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