The Harris Problem

Joe Biden has several problems. He’s not a very good communicator. He lies and mixes up truth and fiction on a daily basis, and his communications team has to work overtime to try and spin it in such a way that the media, and the American people won’t laugh their heads off. He hasn’t been able to barely scratch his long list of campaign promises. He has caused the most recent surge at the southern border with his campaign rhetoric, and he has no plan for how to deal with it. His “cure” for COVID has been an utter catastrophe, to the point where the CDC is ready to say we need to wear masks again, and social distance, even IF you’ve been fully vaccinated.

Oh. And his Vice President is actually worse than he is.

K-baby Harris has a ton of problems of her own. First of all, she was actually one of the early exiters from the 2020 presidential race, dropping out in December of 2019 because no one wanted her. That should have been a red flag when Biden was looking for a running mate. Second, he gave her the task of being the front person to solve the border issue. In six months, she’s made one trip to Guatemala and Mexico, and one trip to El Paso, Texas, where Donald Trump’s wall stands proud, and has slowed illegal penetration into our country to a trickle. All of those trips have yielded nothing positive in solving the problem.

Harris cackles anytime she’s asked a tough question that she knows she’s going to be on the hook if she answers. Its to the point where the media actually tries to get her to laugh. She has made more gaffes in her term as VP than Dan Quayle did his entire four years in office. And now, she has Democrats wondering whether or not she’s going to be any help at all in helping them in the 2022 midterm elections. Most of the moderate Democrats in the House and Senate don’t want her anywhere near their district.

And that’s the problem the Dems have going forward.

If Biden had chosen someone that actually had a future in politics, you may have already seen the 25th Amendment invoked at this point. Biden certainly has proven what most Republicans, and a lot of Democrats knew all along. He doesn’t have the mental capacity or acuity to hold the office he’s been elected to. The problem for the Democrats is that they don’t want Harris in there either. Her poll numbers are worse than Bidens, totally upside down, and no relief in sight because everything she’s been handed to do so far has resulted in a terrible misstep. So, replacing Biden means somehow getting rid of K-baby first. Unless you can Spiro Agnew her, and find out that she has done something atrociously wrong, you’re not going to get her to quit. She is the prime model of The Peter Principle. She’s not going to quit on her own.

So, Democrats are in a quandry. And if they lose the House and Senate in Congress as most think will happen next year, it becomes even worse. Biden will be basically back in the basement, mumbling to himself with not a lot to do. His appointees won’t get confirmed, his ideas will get shoved into the “Well, Joe’s got another zinger of an idea” pile, and the country will become more and more against him as he waddles more and more into senility. What a sad way for him to end a political career!

Now, add to that the fact that you can’t successfully fun on a Biden presidency if you’re going to try and follow him in 2024, and you have a real sticking point for Dems. Harris would have been the natural choice to succeed him, but it’s doubtful she could even win the nomination. Who else is in the wings? We saw what? 27 different people trying to get the nomination last time around, and they all were a bunch of babbling idiots. There wasn’t any of them that actually looked like they could put together a decent campaign, not even Bernie Sanders.

So, Biden has a Harris problem. Democrats have a Harris problem. America has a Biden problem and a Harris problem.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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