YOU Get To Pay For It!

Imagine if you will, that you are going in to a bank to rob it. Now, I know that the people that read this blog would probably never in a million years decide to go through with that, but just play along for a minute. You go into a bank, you are wearing a mask, and you have a gun. You walk up to a teller, hand her a note that says, “Put all of your money in a bag, don’t pull the alarm, and I won’t shoot you.” As you’re walking out of the bank, an on-duty cop shows up and puts you on the ground, handcuffs you and arrests you.

Question: How fair do you think it would be for the bank to have to pay your legal costs when you go to trial?

Answer: I thought so. But yet, that is EXACTLY what Joe Biden is planning to do when it comes to illegal aliens crossing the border. He has a total of $38 million in his 2022 budget that would pay for the cost of attorneys for illegal aliens entering this country. $15 million goes to pay for the actual attorney fees, and another $23 million goes for “training” and “orientation programs” to be run by the Department of Justice.

So, in essence, the people that are breaking into this country illegally are going to have their attorneys both trained, and paid for by the very people who wrote the laws saying it was illegal for these aliens to break into the country illegally. This makes about as much sense as a Joe Biden Town Hall in my humble opinion.

I cannot think of a situation where the aggrieved party has to fork over money after they have been wronged to pay for the attorney fees and training for the person that wronged them. Can you? I mean, am I missing something here? Yet, this is something that is going to be debated in the halls of Congress between now and October 1st when the new budget takes effect.

Nowhere in the proposal was anything on how the government plans to pay for this new spending, which is an indicator that it’s pretty much coming out of your pocket. Biden’s budget that he sent to Congress was over $6 TRILLION, so what the hell is wrong with a few measly million? Well, it’s still the thought of giving an intruder, whether they are escaping a brutal regime or not, a leg up for breaking the law and not following the “right” way to enter this country. There are people all over the world that want to emigrate here. Take a look at this chart from

These are people that are trying to get here LEGALLY. What’s interesting is Gallup in 2017 did a poll stating that 15% of the world’s population wanted to emigrate somewhere else. They interviewed just under a half million people in 152 countries. What’s interesting is nowhere on this list is Mexico, or Guatemala or Honduras. That’s because these people are doing it the legal way, not the rush the border route. And these people have to pay for it themselves…not have the government have lawyers waiting in McAllen, Texas and Nogales, Arizona with court papers in hand as you cross illegally.

This is one more example of why the United States can’t afford Joe Biden. We can’t afford Chuckles Schumer, and we certainly can’t afford the addled mind of Nancy Pelosi. Since when did we decide to allow people with little mental capacity the honor of running our country anyway?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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