The Pelosi Gambit

Nancy Pelosi is in a world of hurt today. The Speaker of the House, who loves to pontificate how she controls everything going on in Washington, at least in Congress, is not in control apparently. She is at the whim of about 14 people. And all of them are Democrats.

At issue is the prospect of the Senate passed bi-partisan infrastructure bill, which came in at about $1.2 Trillion, failing if the federal budget isn’t passed first. The only problem Pelosi has is that she has about three votes as a margin to pass the infrastructure bill. She would prefer to hold on to that bill and pass it along with the much larger $3.5 Trillion additional bill that gives Democrats all the candy they couldn’t do in a bi-partisan attempt.

And there’s the rub.

Pelosi has received a letter last week from nine of her very own party members stating that unless she tackles the budget first, they won’t be voting for the infrastructure bill. That means the infrastructure bill fails, and Joe Biden doesn’t get the big win he was hoping to get in his first year with control over both sides of Congress. The nine members are all moderates, and don’t want to see the country over-spending, which has been the main cause of a marked spike in inflation this year.

But, if Pelosi does cave on the infrastructure bill, she runs the risk of pissing off the five members of the Whackjob five, AOC’s group, which have been calling for both of the infrastructure bills to be voted on together. They want to tackle that before they look at the federal budget for next year. If Pelosi doesn’t go along with them, she will get the budget, but not the infrastructure. If she goes with the moderates, she gets the infrastructure, but not the budget. It’s a conundrum she hasn’t been used to dealing with.

I have to admit, it’s rather fun to sit back and watch liberals eat themselves on these issues. I was beginning to think Republicans were the only ones that were never in lock step with each other, but it appears that not everyone is in lock step with much going on in the House either.

There really isn’t any solution to the problem, unless Pelosi decides to play tough. If she does that she’s going to alienate one of the two groups. The question then becomes which group is going to cause more crap for her up the road. We’ve seen that AOC and her gang of whackjobs don’t have a problem spewing venom, even if it’s against their own party. They are committed to pushing socialism regardless of the costs to Democrats as a party. The other nine are much more moderate. These are more like the “blue-dog” Democrats that were relatively conservative on fiscal issues, and liberal on the social issues. If Pelosi were to have to choose one group, I bet she’d choose to placate the Whackjob segment, and threaten to not back the nine moderates. That would allow her to maybe primary the nine in their districts with more liberal Democrats and hopefully she could win both sides eventually. That’s a really long and dangerous putt.

The Republicans are poised to take over the House next year anyway due to several retirement issues, a really bad image that the Democrats have because Biden has been screwing up so much lately, and because of redistricting which is said to basically give Republicans anywhere between five and nine seats just because of the way the districts in the various states are redrawn due to the 2020 Census. Any angst by Democrats in the House that could cause voters to change their minds or elect someone in a primary that is unelectable in the general election only furthers the GOP cause. And that speeds up Pelosi’s ultimate demise and retirement from the House.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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