It Just Keeps Getting Worse

I think Joe Biden may want to stay at Camp David for a very long time. Seeing how he basically campaigned in front of his staff during the run up to the election, and spent the rest of the time in his basement in Delaware, it probably is a safe bet he wants to stay away from the limelight. For once, I couldn’t blame him.

It just keeps getting worse and worse.

The whole Afghanistan debacle isn’t going to go away anytime soon. With visions of the US Embassy personnel trying to get on a hovering helicopter in Saigon in the waning days of the Vietnam War, the same scenario has replayed itself, this time in Kabul. Once again, for only the second time in our country’s history, we will come away from occupying a country as the loser. And it’s all Joe Biden’s fault.

Look, I get it that he wants to deflect the blame to Donald Trump, who also wanted to pull the troops out of Afghanistan, but certainly wouldn’t have been such an idiot about it. I get it that he wants to blame the Afghan government, whose president turned tail and ran to Oman the first chance he could after the pullout was announced. And of course, he’s going to blame the Taliban for their needing to take over the country, which they’ve done in record time.

What he can’t blame anybody else on is his reluctance to trust the Taliban just six weeks ago, and the utter reversal in hoping they give clear passage to the airport for any American still in Afghanistan. The Taliban has blocked all passage to the airports. They’ve “said” they are going to treat women better and give them some rights, but the proof is in the pudding and they don’t have a lot of pudding in their past. The Taliban has lied and cheated their way through their entire existence. If you think they’re going to be honest to Joe Biden now, you’re on some very good drugs.

Trust me when I say that there isn’t a leader of any country in the entire world right now that feels that Joe Biden is a strong president. He’s not only not a strong president, he’s a weak person. Running off to Camp David so he can avoid the press, and avoid all of the hassles of the White House while he hides out during the fall of Afghanistan? Tell me that’s what our great statesmen of the past would have done?

You know when CNN is sniping at you and calling it a terrible tragedy, and saying you’ve really screwed up as a Democrat president, you’ve really screwed up as a Democrat president. In fact, other than Nancy Pelosi, who really doesn’t know much besides which flavor of ice cream she keeps in her $25,000 freezer at home in San Francisco, there isn’t anyone anywhere that is coming to Biden’s rescue. Even K-baby Harris is moot on this one.

It’s already come out that there are calls to invoke the 25th Amendment, which would remove presidential powers from Biden and give them to Harris. Now, understand this. Democrats don’t like Harris. They don’t trust her and they certainly don’t want to see her as the first woman president in this country’s history. But they are starting to come to the realization that she would be much better than what they’ve currently got sitting in the Oval Office, especially if they are going to start listening to the likes of Bernie Sanders and AOL on policy issues.

Joe Biden has a long way to work himself back from this screw up. He’s had many already in the six months he’s been in office. But this one is his Benghazi. This is the one that is going to cost him. This is the “Read my lips…no new taxes” moment. Don’t think for a minute, while he’s losing popularity in his approval polls faster than an anorexic loses weight, that he’s going to just ride this one out or bounce back before next November. That’s not going to happen!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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