RNC Looking For 2024 Candidate

The Republican National Committee is currently looking for a good man (or woman) to be their next presidential candidate. Qualifications? None really, except you should be conservative, you should be decisive, popular, able to sway people into your way of thinking. Basically they are looking for Donald Trump.

Oh…they would prefer it if you didn’t have a Twitter account.

It’s become public that the RNC would love to see a Donald Trump-like candidate in 2024, but without all of the stuff that made Trump so damn unpresidential. If you could combine the politics of Trump with say the deportment of someone like a Ronald Reagan, you’d probably have the perfect Republican candidate. I guess if you were on the RNC search committee right now, and were looking for someone to run in 2024, that’s about as close a guess as to the ideal candidate as you could get.

It got me wondering. Basically, the RNC is looking for someone that I’ve said all along should be president. If Donald Trump only had not been so damn bold in his tweets and in his name-calling. It’s one thing to slam your political opponent when you’re running, or to let those on the other side in Congress know you disagree with them once elected. But you can’t call people names. You need to be somewhat presidential. And deep down, I think THAT is why Joe Biden was elected in the first place.

It wasn’t that Biden was a better leader than Trump. It’s obvious just seven months into his term he can’t hold a candle to any of the previous presidents except maybe Jimmy Carter in that regard. Well, maybe Gerald Ford as well. But that wasn’t the reason Biden was elected. Regardless what the political pundits tell you, Joe Biden was elected President because America was tired of Trump’s demeanor. I think they loved his politics. Until COVID shot things down, the economy was humming along, jobs were incredibly available to anyone that wanted one, incomes were on the rise, inflation was pretty much non-existent, and the southern border issue was all but solved. From a policy standpoint, Trump pretty much held all aces in his hand.

It was his behavior that killed him. Americans wanted someone that actually LOOKED more presidential. Someone that didn’t argue with the media quite as much (though Biden has failed at that point), and someone that actually carried themselves better than Trump did. He didn’t have the respect of world leaders because he wasn’t like anything they had seen before. Now, more and more of them are wishing they had Trump back.

So, as we start to see over the next two years all of the potential candidates for the GOP nomination for president come forward, we have to see if any of them can fit that bill. Possibly at this point, Ron DeSantis could. And he’s got Trump’s support if Trump doesn’t run. If he does, and he wants DeSantis as his Veep, he’s going to have to change residences, probably to Nevada. But for a guy that has billions of dollars, that shouldn’t be a problem.

The question isn’t, and shouldn’t be WHAT the GOP is looking for, but can Trump BECOME a complete candidate. Yes, he was refreshing calling Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary”, and demanding that she be thrown in jail. We all agree with that. But he never got that done. And his incessant tweets droned on forever. He also needs to put the ego in check. There was a reason that the sex predator, Andrew Cuomo had better ratings on his COVID updates every day than Trump had. Trump was nothing more than a cheerleader and grandstander. If he could keep the ego in his back pocket for four years, he’d make a great president. As it was, he was good. Not great…but good.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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  1. I agree with you 1,000 percent. There’s actually a very “low” bar for becoming president. You have to be an accident of birth (born in the US), accumulated no rap sheet while in college, reach the age of 35 without any psychotic episodes that anyone knows about, have an unsteady work record, and have lived in the US for at least 183 days a year for the past 14 years. Beyond that, you’re good to go. You know, an orangutan could meet those standards.

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