Post Mortem On The Texas “Rebellion”

The Democrats have returned to Texas. In one of the worst thought out displays of protests in recent memory, the plane loaded with Democrats from Austin returned sans Miller Lite to face the music this past week. And immediately the Texas House passed the new voting rights legislation that caused the slackers to turn tail and run immediately.

So much for a great plan!

Of course, Democrats never admit they are wrong when it comes to anything. And these idiots didn’t either. They said they accomplished their task because it drew national attention to Texas and what they were doing to voters’ rights. So, before I get into why this was such a bone-headed idea, let’s look at what the Texas voting rights law actually says, shall we?

First, if you’re mailing in a ballot, you still need to show ID, which is what you need if you’re voting in person. Second, it expands voting days and hours for early voting, and makes them more consistent across the state. It also makes it illegal for “voter trafficking” which is when someone is paid to collect ballots and then take them to polling places. It gives voters that have missing or incorrect information on their mailed-in ballot the chance to correct the information before the ballot is discarded. They must be notified within two days of the discovery of the missing or incorrect information. And it makes sure you can’t register in more than one location within the state of Texas.

Hmmm. That all seems pretty plain and clear to me. So, why did the Dems’ want to squash it? It seems to give more leeway to voters, not less. But who is to argue with an addled-mind? Remember what Mark Twain used to say, “If someone is trying to make a fool of themselves, get out of the way and let them finish the job!”

OK, on to the post-mortem on the cowardice protest.

Democrats didn’t think this through much if you’re looking at protest successes. Oh, they got the first part right. They figured out that if they weren’t in Austin, the Republicans wouldn’t have a quorum and they couldn’t vote on the bill. That’s fine. No problem there. But that’s where the brain shut down. What then? What do you do after that? You basically are left with two choices, as the idiot Democrats who tried the same stunt in 2011 in Wisconsin found out. A) You stay away from the state capital forever, or at least until your term is up. B) You go back with your tail between your legs. Texas Democrats didn’t have a C) because there isn’t one.

And so they had to spin this in the way liberals always spin things. They felt good about what they did even though it didn’t accomplish anything. Even vaunted liberal MSM, CNN said that in an online piece they wrote. It was feeling good about the actions you took that was important, not the fact that nothing was accomplished. And that’s where Democrats always fall short. Oh, they protest, they march, they carry signs, and they feel good about themselves when they’re done. They rarely accomplish anything, and when they do it usually costs you and me a boatload of money given to people that usually don’t deserve it, or they try to grab more power and take more freedoms away from you.

Unfortunately for the Texas House Democrats in this case, they couldn’t spend more money, they got no more power, and it was the Republicans that gave the people of Texas more freedoms. Democrats couldn’t take more away. Oh…and the chances of them defrauding an election in the future went down as well.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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