Have You Noticed Biden’s Two Biggest Screw Ups Are Related?

Everyone knew Joe Biden was a gaffe machine before he even decided to run for president. And he didn’t disappoint during the campaign. From calling a voter in Iowa “Fats” and challenging him to pushups over the fact the guy didn’t like some of Biden’s positions, to getting into it with a auto worker in Detroit, to calling a woman in New Hampshire a “Dog Face Pony Soldier” (whatever that is!).

But since he’s been in the White House, Biden has made three absolute horrendous decisions that have come back to haunt him in his approval numbers. The first actually occurred during the Democrat Primary Debates when he said he’d welcome the illegal aliens (he called them something else) to America, and was all for giving them free healthcare. That of course, is what spurred on the whole mass migration that Donald Trump had all but stopped at the southern border.

The second big screw up also occurred during the campaign, though later. He repeatedly slammed Donald Trump for “not having a plan” to deal with COVID, saying “he doesn’t have a plan…I do”. Well, he didn’t. He had a 200 page outline of what he thought would work…and found out that 95% of that plan was what Trump and the folks at the CDC were already doing. The rest didn’t work. And it still doesn’t work. America thought Biden may know something Trump didn’t. It turns out, he didn’t even know what Trump knew. And here we are, almost a year later, people are still dying because Biden’s plan isn’t a plan at all.

The third big screw up was the whole plan to pre-announce the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan on August 31st. Not realizing he had thousands of others in country that needed to leave as well, Americans and Afghan translators and helpers that were going to become targets of the Taliban as soon as the American presence was out of there, Biden stepped in it big time. It’s turned out to be one of the biggest foreign policy snafu’s in our country’s history, rivaling the Nuclear Deal with Iran that Bobo Obama got us into.

So, are the first and third screw ups related? I would contend that yes, they are. And here’s how.

In Afghanistan, you’re already seeing the Taliban releasing ISIS prisoners from jail. These are known killers and terrorists. Some of them are pretty bad dudes. And with them on the loose, they aren’t going to turn the other cheek toward America. It’s just going to be a matter of time before some of them make their way over here.

And what is an easier way into this country than to come in through the southern border? You can claim you’re from Guatemala or Panama, or Mexico and you are being persecuted in your own country. Then you are free to wreak havoc in the United States. Oh, it’s happened before, and you better believe that it will happen again. At the very least, we’ve got the Supreme Court refusing to issue a stay in the lawsuit seeking to reinstitute the Trump-era policy of keeping all those that are seeking asylum and entry into this country in Mexico until their court hearings. But when you have a sieve for a southern border, and thousands of people cross into our country illegally every month, it’s an open invitation for an Islamic terrorist to come to the US and get established.

And Joe Biden is the guy that’s allowing that to happen. Even Homeland Security Secretary, Allejandro Mayorkas has stated that the southern border is out of control and we don’t have the resources to stop the onslaught of people streaming across the border.

And so, when the next terrorist event to rival 9/11 occurs, make sure that you remember you heard it here first. Joe Biden is going to carry the blame on this one. It’s not Donald Trump’s fault. It’s not Kamala Harris’ fault. It’s not even Bobo Obama’s fault. This one sits squarely on the slumping shoulders of one Joseph Robinette Biden.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “Have You Noticed Biden’s Two Biggest Screw Ups Are Related?

  1. Spoke with a friend at church yesterday. He was a Marine and served in Vietnam. He thinks Biden’s doing a great job and still attributes the current mess to Trump. I had to walk away. Unbelievable. Millions are of the same opinion. Astonishing.

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