Questions To Ask Your Congressman

Congress will be up for renewal next year. Already we’re starting to get some people that have said they’d be running. Other incumbents have decided to retire rather than face what will be a tough slog through the campaign with a bunch of embarrassing questions coming their way. I thought I would pass on something from AMAC, which is the Association of Mature American Citizens. Think of it as the conservative response to the AARP, which is extremely liberal. Here are six questions that they felt you should ask Democrat Congressmen when they come home to their districts:

  1. Why isn’t Congress doing more to mitigate the situation in Afghanistan and hold the Biden administration accountable for it’s actions?

You have to understand the Biden administration screwed up back in the campaign by actually announcing that they would not only withdraw troops from Afghanistan (which Trump had already said he was going to do), but he actually put a date on it. That insured that the Taliban was going to play a waiting game with him. They did, and they won. Any idiot in the world would have known what would happen, but apparently Joe Biden is less than an idiot. The last thing any Democrat in Congress wants to do is talk about how someone in their party screwed this one up so badly!

2. Why is Congress wanting to spend $4.7 trillion in our budget next year, when inflation is already on the rise and you’ve already overspent?

The facts here are pretty clear. 86% of us according to a Fox News poll, are concerned with Congress’ out of control spending, and inflation. We certainly don’t want to go back to the days of Jimmy Carter when the Prime Rate got up to 22%! When asked about this, a few Congressmen have said, “A little inflation is a good thing.” A little, yes. 7% a year? Not so much. Used car prices jumped 29% so far this year, though that’s not due to the Congress. That’s due to the shortage of microchips, and the fact that there is a shortage of new cars, so the demand for used cars is through the roof. But you can blame high gasoline prices, higher food costs, and higher housing and energy costs squarely on the Democrats’ “green new deal”.

3. Why isn’t Congress doing something about the crisis at the southern border?

Well, they are. Inaction is doing something. Democrats want those folks streaming across. They want them to become US citizens the moment they enter this country. Most of those folks coming in are from socialist and very liberal countries and the Democrats see them as a new source of votes. They’d be very happy to allow all of Guatemala, and El Salvador, and Panama, and the rest of Central America to come to the United States and become citizens! But they won’t tell you that when you ask the question. They’ll tell you it’s a complicated situation that needs a lot of study. And yes, our immigration system is broken, but there isn’t a bi-partisan solution on the table just yet…be patient! And the southern border becomes more like a sieve every day.

4. Why aren’t Democrats doing more to stop the crime wave in our major cities?

First of all, you’re going to have to find a Democrat that believes we have a crime wave in our major cities. That’s the first problem. If they deny it’s even happening, then it’s easier to avoid. Need an example? Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot comes to mind. She has said on several occasions that crime in her city is actually down, and that year to year numbers are in her favor. Every weekend, dozens of people in Chicago are killed by gun violence, and hundreds are wounded. That’s down though from where it was a year ago, so don’t expect anything much to happen. If you have your head buried in the sand, you won’t see the sky regardless how much you look.

5. Why are Democrats so insistent on waging war on American energy even as gas prices skyrocket?

This is a little more complicated. And it’s made more complicated by the actions of the Biden administration. On one hand, he kills the Keystone XL Pipeline project, and puts 11,000 union workers out of work. On the other hand, he waives sanctions against the Russian pipeline heading for Germany, allowing Russia to sell oil and natural gas to the rest of Europe without any pushback from the US. Does that make sense? On one hand, Biden wants to have all of us drive electric cars (without any concern of the pollution spent batteries cause), and on the other, he’s allowing China to build 100 coal plants per WEEK, without anything negative being said about it. Take the coal industry away from the US, and give it lock, stock, and barrel to China? And the Congress sits by and watches and thinks we need to adopt the Green New Deal because we need to make sure WE are doing our part when most of the rest of the world isn’t.

6. Why aren’t you doing anything about Hunter Biden?

Duh! Can anybody say, “partisan politics”? Hunter Biden is not going to see any problems as long as daddy is in the White House and Democrats are in control of the Department of Justice. Sure he screwed up. Sure he deserves to be in jail. Sure, Joe Biden should probably be along side of him. But as we learned with the Clinton’s, once you’ve become president, you’re pretty much excused from any wrong-doing as long as you keep relatively quiet about it after you leave the White House. Two sets of rules…one for me and one for thee.

There you go. Those are the questions. Hopefully someone would hold their Congressman’s feet to the fire and demand answers to these six questions. My hunch is you won’t hear any answer from them. They’ll dodge and evade the question entirely. But give it a try. Make sure to record it and send me the video!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

4 thoughts on “Questions To Ask Your Congressman

  1. Such questions have wide appeal to concerned citizens, particularly the uninformed citizens, which is why I suppose they were adopted by AMAC. It’s kind of like the appeals I get for money from conservative colleges that ask, “Are you concerned about socialism in America?” There’s nothing as effective as getting my heart pumping at dangerous levels even before I get to the part where they ask for a specific donation — so they can do the work to protect me from socialism. After reading a few of these appeals, I wonder, “Are they appealing to the lowest common denominator?”

    Unfortunately, AMAC appears to perpetuate the myth that members of Congress have anything at all to do with crime rates where we live (as an example), and they ignore the fact that Congress has limited power over the executive. I believe that such questions undermine our common understanding of federalism. And besides that, the questions posed seem somewhat “insincere.”

    I do like the second question, though. I might add, in my discussion with my representative (who didn’t vote for the Democrat’s gazillion-dollar infrastructure bill that addresses everything but infrastructure), why do we need additional allocations for infrastructure when state and federal authorities reap billions from gasoline taxes? Isn’t that what gasoline taxes are for?

    If 86% of us have concerns about Congressional spending, 99.6% of us will reelect the same dweeb for another two years in the House. In any case, my guess is that few people living in Minnesota give a darn about the Texas border because no one wants to cut their own grass anymore. So, what border problems are AMAC talking about? You can always tell when a lawyer is lying because his lips are moving, so I suspect there’s a correlation between lying lawyers and members of congress, who are mostly lawyers.

    Can I have my liberty card now, sir?

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    1. I absolutely LOVE your post! Yes…your liberty card is on the way…watch for it in the mail, along with your latest stimulus check! LOL. You are absolutely right about AMAC. I joined them because I hate the fact AARP is a front organization for gap insurance for Medicare. It’s a scam run by insurance executives, um…sorry…LIBERAL insurance executives, who through seniors under the bus on Obamacare just so they could make a buck. AMAC isn’t anywhere near as powerful, and their PR department is sorely lacking, but your analysis is spot on! Thanks for the comments!

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