Economy, Meet Toilet

It’s not going well for Joe Biden as far as the domestic policies are concerned. Of course, we know he’s an utter failure on the world stage through his monumental screw ups in Afghanistan and other foreign polcy foibles. But the latest job numbers should be worrying a lot of Americans right about now.

In case you missed it last Friday, the jobs numbers came in at 235,000 jobs created during the month. Now, why in the world would almost a quarter million jobs be added to the roles be bad? After all, it dropped the unemployment rate from 5.4% to 5.2%! Well, they were expecting 720,000 new jobs to be created in August. Yeah, that’s like a half million jobs less. It’s like taking a test, and instead of acing it, you pulled a D-.

There is more bad news that should haunt every American. Wages grew at a rate of 4.3% year over year. Why is that bad? Because for the last two months our inflation rate has been 5.2%. That means that yes, you got a raise…congratulations. So instead of making $100, you’re now making $104.30. But that loaf of bread that you want to buy at the grocery store, that last year was $1 is now $1.06. You are getting a raise but still losing money. Your buying power just headed south by 0.9% in August. Now how good do you feel?

Since Biden took over, we’ve seen inflation that had been coming in at about 1.3% per year increase to a rate of about 5.2%. There’s a simple explanation as to why that’s happening. When you print a lot of money, more than say, you’re replacing because the dollars are getting old and ragged, you are adding more pressure to the inflation rate to rise. That’s simply because more money means more supply. More supply means the dollar is worth less. And that means it’s going to cost more to buy what you want than it did last year at this time.

Say what you will about Donald Trump. He wasn’t a “savior” by any means, but he was able to keep inflation in check. He had it in a very manageable state. You recall hearing Democrats saying recently that “some inflation is a good thing”? Well, they’re actually right. You need some inflation to maintain our economy. However, you don’t want runaway inflation. And when something costs you 5% more this month than last month, you’re looking for trouble. You can’t sustain this pace.

And that is the problem with all of Joe Biden’s domestic agenda. He wants to spend trillions on “stimulus” due to COVID. He wants to spend $3.5 trillion on his bloated budget next year. And he’s looking at trillions more with infrastructure, which is basically been redefined so Democrats can call anything they want “infrastructure”.

That’s the problem we face in today’s society. We’ve certainly got our problems overseas in our foreign policy department. And we were just slapped across the face with the news that not only aren’t we putting people back to work quick enough, but we’re printing way too much money. And the solution is simple. You need to stop rewarding people with unemployment benefits if they can at all work. We’ve got over 10 million jobs out there waiting to be filled. 5.2% of our population is sitting on the couch watching Oprah Winfrey rather than finding those jobs. And Joe Biden wants to reward them for doing that by sending them more money every month in their unemployment checks. Hell, I would have stayed home too if I could make more money without doing anything. I’m not an idiot. But you have to stop that in order to get the employment figures in line, and you’ve got to stop printing money in order to get the inflation numbers in line.

The big question is, does Joe Biden even realize what he’s doing? More and more people think not. The good news for people like Jimmy Carter, and Bobo Obama is they are about to add another member below them to the worst presidents in history list.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

18 thoughts on “Economy, Meet Toilet

  1. In my weakened state of mind, I imagine that a fleet of alien spacecraft could arrive and land on the White House lawn, with every crewman exiting to bow in homage to Joe Biden, their leader, who was sent her ions ago to destroy the earth, and it still wouldn’t matter to most Americans even if the lamestream media did air it in a live broadcast. Besides, what does high unemployment matter if Uncle Sugar pays the descendants of LBJ’s great society to stay home? S’all about gett’in over on the man, but s’all good, ya know?

    Knowing who these people really are (where progressive = communist), I would never agree with any Democrat’s domestic policy … but I would at least be able to respect the leftist agenda if Biden and his puppet masters were honest about it. At one time, what’s happening now in America would not have been plausible on Mission Impossible. What is that mission? It is to take a well-functioning federalist Republic, one that offers equal opportunities to everyone, no matter what they look like, where the sky’s the limit insofar as achievement is concerned, and utterly destroy it. Biden ought to just come out and say it. Heck, he’d still end up with a majority of Americans voting for him.

    Well, what did we expect from people who elected FDR, Truman, LBJ, Jimmah Cartah, Billy Jeff Clinton, and Barack Obama? Crumbs. I need a nap.

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  2. Many people claim that the economy grew more effectively and efficiently under democrats. Really? The only way that could or would happen is based on lies and misinformation designed to make the democrats look good.

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    1. If you’re not counting the fact that the only way they usually get the economy to grow is by growing the workforce in government, and printing more money, then I would agree. Unfortunately, Dems’ seem to think that government is the answer to all of our problems. They don’t see that government is the cause of MOST of our problems! Great to hear from you!!!


      1. I would agree. I found it when my son was making chili one day. He dipped a toothpick into a bottle of Dave’s and stirred this huge pot of chili with it…I laughed…until I licked the toothpick! What is your FAVORITE hot sauce?

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  3. To follow-up on my previous comment, here is what I mean: I can deal with the mouth burn, however, the residual after-effects, such as stomach burn, would be the least desirable part. I like to blend the flavors of each sauce I use together, however, I can differentiate between them despite their being blended.

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