Who Can Forget?

It’s hard to believe that twenty years ago this morning, I was at work sitting at my desk when our Director of Sales came in and said that a plane had just run into the World Trade Tower. I had this silly notion running through my head of some little prop plane sticking out of the building. What followed, as I’m sure anyone over the age of 23 or so realizes was probably the darkest day in American history.

It was a few minutes later that a second plane hit the twin towers. At that point, we realized it wasn’t an accident, it was a terrorist attack. It wasn’t some little Cessna, these were commercial jetliners that were being flown into the building. And it continued at the Pentagon. Images started appearing on newscasts. And all work stopped as those of us in the building all had our radios turned on to our news talk station, and watching the TV coverage. Then we heard about a third incident. And a plane heading for San Francisco from Newark, had turned around. Rumor was it was heading for either the Capitol or the White House. It crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

The images coming out of New York and DC were stunning. Absolutely jaw dropping. Certainly it was akin to a moment reminiscent of remembering where you were when you learned John F. Kennedy had been killed.

I recall very clearly that I was sitting in a client’s office and we were discussing the event when her TV showed the collapse of the towers. The mayhem that ensued was not just scary, it was downright gut-wrenching.

And it all happened twenty years ago today.

Since that time, a lot has happened. We are not the same country today we were back then. I doubt we ever will return to 9/10/01. We were subjected to days without no aircraft flying overhead. We were subjected to increased scrutiny everywhere we went. We’ve been subjected to The Patriot Act, a direct cause of the terrorist attacks. And to this day, we are no more safer, some four presidencies later, than we were that fateful morning.

We have become a divided nation. A nation where one party doesn’t want us to remember anything to do with those towers. And one party where we want those images seared into our memories, so we never forget, never put our guard down, never stop being vigilant in protecting our borders. Those people never want it to happen again. And yes…it does divide the country. Democrats are tired of hearing about it. They don’t want to deal with terrorism. It only gets in the way of their overall plan, which is to ultimately get rid of the Republican party altogether so they can rule America unabated. Republicans are the ones that want to remain on guard. They want to vet all of the immigrants coming into this country to makes sure that any of those belonging to the Taliban or al Quaeda don’t get in. And yes, our lives have forever changed.

We will have to deal with what happened twenty years ago today forever. Because if we forget, if we let our guard down, those same terrorist groups will be knocking on our door, looking to do the same thing to more and more Americans. We need to learn our lessons from the past so we don’t repeat our mistakes. We didn’t learn anything from the first time terrorists tried to take down the World Trade Towers back when Bill Clinton was President. And we repeated that mistake eight years later.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “Who Can Forget?

  1. Among people who value human life, in a society that ostensibly seeks to achieve civilized morality, we find an afront to the behavior that resulted in so many innocent deaths. Even if we could agree that radical Islamists have a legitimate complaint with US policy (and I am not one of those who think so), what do more than 3,000 innocent people have to do with US policy? Nothing-at-all. But then, after this horrid mass murder, what the American people did expect was justice. Has there been any justice for the murdered innocent? Retribution, yes — justice, no. Here’s why:

    Colonel Ali Mohamed of the Egyptian Army intelligence service trained fighters to serve in Afghanistan, trained Osama bin-Laden, infiltrated the CIA (as a double agent), instructed the blind sheik in explosives before the World Trade Center bombing in 1993, helped to raise money in the US for global jihad, helped plan the two Embassy attacks in 1998, and — get this — gained US citizenship through marriage, joined the US Army and provided Al Qaeda with information about military weapons, tactics, doctrine, and organization.

    Where is Ali Mohamed today? After arranging with federal prosecutors to receive life in prison in exchange for a guilty plea for murder and mayhem, Colonel/Sergeant/Spy Mohamed is at an undisclosed location. He’s never been sentenced in court.

    Does any of this deliver justice for those who lost their lives on 9/11/2001? Nope. Worse, the terrorist groups that were once knocking on our door now live next door. Now, the enemy lives within.

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