Mask For You, Not For Them

Look, I understand that Joe Biden thinks that if you wear a mask, or if you get vaccinated that you have saved the planet from COVID. I did, indeed get a vaccine because my wife was in the group that was at more of a risk than the rest of the population. I’m not an anti-vaxer by any stretch of the imagination, and I didn’t want to come down with COVID. Wearing a mask is a different story. There are numerous studies out there that show that wearing a mask, especially a cloth mask, just doesn’t do a damn thing to prevent you from catching COVID. It may do something to stop you from spreading it to other people, the jury on that one is still out. But make no mistake about it…wearing a mask won’t prevent you from getting COVID.

So, I was in a bit of a fit of anger when Biden made his “mandate” that employers with more than 100 people had to actually have their employees tested every week if they don’t get vaccinated. Now, again, it’s not that he wants people vaccinated that is the problem here. I think there is something to herd immunity, and yes, we probably will be getting annual booster shots, just like flu shots. But what galls me is that he is willing to make this mandate on people working for larger companies. But for the illegal immigrants crossing our border? Nope. No testing. No mask mandate. No vaccine mandate. Nothing. Nada. Go on about your life kid. Nothing to see here.

And there is the problem.

Either it is so serious a pandemic and everyone needs to be vaccinated, or it’s not. Either you are going to issue a mandate to every person in this country to be vaccinated or you are not. You can’t single out illegal aliens and say it’s ok for them not to be tested, or not to be vaccinated, while making American citizens get the tests or be vaccinated.

It goes back to the whole consistency thing. If you’re going to make a law, fine. Make the law. But it applies to everyone. Not exempting those in Congress. Not telling people that are illegally entering our country that it doesn’t apply to them. Not doing special favors for certain groups of people. Democrats seem to have a major problem with this. They want to treat certain groups special. They make it a “hate crime” to attack someone of color, either verbally or physically. Yes, it’s wrong to attack ANYBODY, regardless of the color of their skin. It’s wrong to attack anybody regardless of their sexual orientation. Singling out certain groups and making it a worse crime for attacking them is equally wrong. And it’s wrong to say that if I’m working for a company like Microsoft or Ford, I have to be vaccinated or be tested weekly, but that guy that just paid a mule $4,000 per person to bring his family across the Rio Grande illegally can skate because you want his vote up the road. Sorry. Wrong number.

I know there are a few instances where the Supreme Court went along with the idea of mandating vaccinations in cases of pandemics (like back in 1918, and 1919). But for the most part, they’ve basically, with few exceptions (school admission being one of them) allow parents to decide when and if to vaccinate their kids for most diseases. It’s between an adult and their doctor whether they get say, a shingles vaccination (which according to the maker of the vaccine is a little more than 90% effective), and no one is forcing you to get one. Why? Because shingles, while painful is not life threatening and is contagious through direct contact. But it’s up to you if you want to get it.

The flu kills between 12,000 and 61,000 people a year (that’s since 2010). While that doesn’t compare to the 654,000 deaths so far from COVID, it’s also not a disease that you’re required to get vaccinated for. Again, whether or not you should get a vaccine should be your choice with the advice of your doctor, not the federal government.

Joe Biden has seen about 200,000 deaths this year during his administration. This from a guy that said he had a plan and Donald Trump didn’t. It’s not looking like Jokin’ Joe’s plan was worth a bucket of warm spit.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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  1. I completely agree with you. Yesterday, I had the privilege of participating in a radio broadcast in Michigan (a friend of mine invited me on via Skype) (Our American Heritage which carried over to Moment of Clarity on WAAM). One of his guests was a constitutional attorney who’s doing pro bono work representing athletes who resist Western Michigan University’s vaccine mandate. Very enlightening. The issue has to do with the university’s granting of exemptions on the basis of religion and health. I am first of all confused by the “granting of exemptions,” because if the vaccine is indeed the stop gap (which it isn’t), then even one exemption defeats the purpose of the mandate. But secondly, since the court already determined that the mandate is constitutional over-reach, then so too must be shutting down the entire economy and requiring the wearing of masks (which as you say, does nothing to prevent infection). As the attorney pointed out, the federal government has no constitutional authority to mandate inoculations, masks, isolation, or any other such dictate. The matter of public health belongs to our several states.

    Like you, I did receive the inoculation because not having it is a bar to air travel. It was a voluntary act on my part. Mandating it, however, is an entirely different beast. And, as you so ably point out, requiring some but not all to receive the inoculation is exponential foolishness. Ah, but if only we could trust anything our government tells us.

    Thanks again for a brilliant post. I’ve added you to my blog rolls.

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    1. So, you were on WAAM? In Ann Arbor? I had a job offer from them early in my career. Are you in Michigan??? I was raised in Adrian (about 30 miles south of Ann Arbor), and know that area very well. I used to do a lot of high school and college sports play-by-play there. I used to say there isn’t a gym in the state of Michigan I haven’t been in. Well, sorta, kinda. Never broadcast from the UP.

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    1. Thanks, Empty! And thanks for following! You’re right about the natural immunity…of course I wouldn’t expect everything from this administration. They usually are a dollar or two short (though I guess they can print that, can’t they?)

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